Possible Bug with Daily Quest

Hello, I'm not sure if it was intendet like this but today I've beaten the "Black Planet" (Nature+Darkness) with my Metro only game. How it happened? Easy to explain: I started with 3 Daily quests: Nature+Metro Darkness+Metro Kill 7 Challange After I've done the "Kill 7 Challange" quest, i took the new Daily quest "Black Planet". Since my Units were all build up i did not have to build anything anew. After the game was finished i got all 3 Quests (Nature+Metro, Metro+Darkness, Nature+Darkness). So i wonder if it was a freak occurence or intendet that you fail the quest on starting a new game/building a tower.

there is already tickets for this bug i believe, though i have no problem with completing 2 "race" quests at the same time as long as the race you play is in both quests like if i got a metro/nature and a nature/darkness i should be able to complete both quests with nature only.. https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/quest-complete-a-game-with-2-elements-only/ https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/quest-bug-report/

Dont get me wrong, im totally fine with beating multiple race quests at once. Metro+Dark and Metro+Nature is fine if you play Metro only. But beating Darkness+Nature while playing metro only is not right ^^ Since the check roll didnt occure since i did not build anything new at all. At least the Forge took revenge... with that 120 gold i got exactly 7 Cards (6, then destroy them cos double, one more try ^^) and still no new card for me XD

yeah we think the same =) hehe bad luck i guess.. but there is plans to fix it on the next patch at least and even if i discovered this bug pretty fast even if i wanted to i couldn't abuse it anyway coz it's pretty rare that you get it all in check like you have a game almost finished and then get the right race quest to complete them both in the same time, i get it tops once a week if even that, and iv'e been out of the game for a few weeks now(got bored collecting quests) and i have plenty of cards already its only e few uniques that i really miss =) peace //

I dont really think it is rare at all. Happened today again. Beaten the Dark Planet with nature +Metro. This time i got rewarded with Seelenrei├čer. Which is indeed way more OP then i even thought... I think it needs a nerf... Like every 10 kills the amount of the bonus dmg halves (after 10 stacks you need 2 kills/stack. Bosses stay the same. After 20 Stacks you need 3....)

If you have green city for daily quest and tou play saved game not putting down a single darkness card you dont fail just found that out


Well the problem is, that the Racial Quests are only updated, if you build a new tower =)

Ah ok lol