Possible bugg.

Hi Andy. First of all. I would like to say that your game is the most epic TD game i have ever played and i have been playing TD games since the custom maps on wc2. You have created a great game and i would not mind donating for your hard work. Now on to the bugg i think i found. I have an samsung galaxy s2. Andriod version: 4.1.2. Model Number: GTI9100 Build number: JZ054K.I9100XWMS1 Version of the game: 0.9.2 Bugg: I start the game. Press start new game. Everything works fine and i can play it without issues. Now i press the home screen. Start some other game or mabye listen to music or even watch a movie on my phone. I then start mazebert td again but this time it takes me to the start screen with the " Resume game " option greyed out and i have to start all over again. I can recreate this issue. I have tried both lengthy games and short games. I suspect it has to do with the internal memory close down program thingi. You know the thingi that saves the phones memory by closing down the program that use to much memory or something like that? If you need any more information please dont hesitate to ask. /eltotow

Thank you very much for the detailed error report. Sorry for the late reply as well, had some quite busy week at work :-/ I filed a ticket for it - Lost save game after closing app (0000293). Target milestone is 0.9.3! Was this a problem already with earlier releases of the app, or did this start with 0.9.2? Thank you so much for your help! Andy

Hi Again, Its ok. I understand that you have other commitments besides this game. No worries :) Yes this starting to happen with 0.9.2. If you need any other information please dont hesistate to ask. I check your forums daily. /eltotow