Possible bugs and issues

Hi, I really enjoy the game. Congratulations on the really good job, you've done! Here I'm reporting few issues, I spotted with the 0.7.1 version
  • Horadic Cube can convert 3 blue-rarity items and a Norls item into a yellow-rarity item leaving the Norls card intact. At least it works when the Norls item is added as fourth on the right slot in the bottom line (required to be tapped twice, unlike all other items).
  • I tried also the transmutation with two Norls (green) items and two blue cards and it created just one yellow card. Does this colour mixing work as supposed for transmutation?
  • Beaver's stun ability lasts nowhere close to the declared 2 seconds.
  • It would be great to have some info about Huli's probability of slipping on the bananas
  • It looks that the game is difficult only at about levels 90 to 130. After that player gets so many powerful potions and items (yellow and unique), so it no longer is critical to really watch what's going on. Just drink potions from time to time and not much more. Only the last horseman is tough, but the game can be won without killing him.

Hey void and welcome to the board. Andy has been busy as of late so he may not reply soon. I'll shed a little light on your points as soon as I get out of work. I can't answer everything 100% but it's better than nothing :)

Alrighty, so here we go.. 1: The horadric cube bug takes effect with the presence of set items. At this point only norls steel and guardian are set items. The location of the item only matters in that it can't be the top left item slot used to place the last item. Other uncommon items that are not set items (blue) can also be left behind. This obviously should not happen and will be remedied with the next major release. 2: The color of the item text is not the thing to focus on here. The norls items are set items but they are classified as uncommon quality. All common items yield an uncommon from the cube and all uncommons will yield a rare (yellow). 4 rares will yield another rare possibly one that was in the cube or possibly something different. 3: correct, beaver stun and huli/muli slip is incorrect. This has been brought up quite frequently and a solution is definitely being added into the mix. 4: This one I do not know. I definitely agree with the request though. 5: I think the game difficulty is perhaps the most difficult during those times but there are plenty of other scenarios that occur to generate both early and late game situations where winning may not be an option. This is more a factor of luck than anything else. Regarding the horseman though... he is the easiest wave in the game. Just use painkiller to instakill him or use soul flask on ganesha or your carry before he escapes. Both methods yield an very easy victory :) Hope that helps a bit. Once again welcome to the board and happy hunting :D

Thank you for the response! Re 2) The problem here is that there are two things that are coded with color: rarity level and being the part of a set. If you plan to introduce other sets of items in future (frozen things and such) or another rarity level, I would suggest to code only the rarity with color and add some icons to the cards that belong to a set. The transmutation would be a lot more clear then. Re 3) I think the declared 2s stun is big overkill. The current stun duration is good, it is just the card that needs to be updated. And perhaps rename the effect from "stun" to "slip" :-) Re 5) I understand that balancing the game in the late stages is pretty difficult given the amount of randomness that is involved. Perhaps it would be easier to control difficulty by making item/potion drops less random. I wouldd also lower the drop rate of items, potions and gold beyond level 130 or so. And, yes, last horseman is easy with potions. Once you get satisfied with difficulty balance on the levels 100+, do you plan to extend the game by next 100 or 200 waves? It would change the strategy for the horseman at 200th wave :-)

Hey void! Welcome on board, and thanks for your suggestions and bug reports. Some of your points are already in the pipe for the next release, but some others like rarity indication are new. I need to update the changelog and write a proper reply as soon as I am back at my PC. Cheers Andy

Hi! About colour coding: Rarity as title and set effects in green with the set name be the easiest way imo Cube bug can happen with any uncommon but occurs most frequently with norls on the last slot ( at least it seems so for me)

Hey Derp, Yup I agree with the rarity/color scheme point. As for the cube... ive not seen 4 uncommon yield a duplicate without the presence of at least one set item. Is that the case for you? Im quite curious.

just happened with meat mallet ( or how its written). i dunno of norls was one of the other 3 items. Every time it occurs youll have to double tap the last item ... but conditionfor occurance are unknown to me. usually happening between lvls 40 and 100. Didnt notice bug later than this.

Ah ok yup. The only specific condition we've noticed is if there is at least one set item in the box. We've not seen this occurence with strictly uncommon or dark uncommon items or even a mix of them. It's definitely safe to isolate it as solely generated by set items. Thanks a ton for your feedback!! Hope to see you here in the forums for more than just bugs :)

I extended the changelog with the set rarity information. Good suggestions! Also, the Horadric Cube bug, might be actually the same as the recently reported item dupe bug.. Further investigation in the code will tell.

The color coding of set items is implemented, you can have a look at them here.