Possible New Content(Upgrades)

Good Morning friends, My name is Prodigy, currently a level 39 Wizard, and welcome to my first post, I encourage you to reply with your opinions because not only do I value your thoughts but I'm aware some of you are more knowledgeable then me about this topic at the moment. Onto the numbers... Section 1: From my experience I'm finding a lack of options for building towers, and spending my gold. If i start off with just 2xPocket Thief, Very quickly am I swimming in more gold then I can even benefit from. Spending 49 gold on a pocket thief pays for itself incredibly quickly and starts to turn a profit faster then any gold tower I've ever seen. Its gold gaining power is more so then a money box. (in a situation were you don't have thousands of gold) I very often have 12,000 gold around wave 70 and the gold is completely worthless, my field is completely populated with Miss jilly, hitmen/scientists which have much more usefulness then most of the towers in the game. of coarse I have a carry tower in there which is just praying I get potions, which if I don't then its useless and I lose at wave 100 with 20k gold and nothing can be done. In most cases replacing a common tower, like a scientist that has been farming for 100 waves, will make you lose damage, and essentially halt its progress. So you want to hold onto your scientist as long as possible unless your replacing it with a support tower for your carry that is actually doing well. Miss jilly has more kill power then any unleveled, unpotioned, unequipped tower in the game. There needs to be a way to help you through the mid game, without praying on potion luck, I don't think I should be able to beat the first 80 waves by simply filling every space with tier 1 towers and then the rest of the game is based on wether my carry does well. Upgrades seem to be the easiest, funnest, and greatest way to fill this void. Example: This is just a example, the numbers are not final. Just a rough draft. http://postimg.org/image/jnqs3xwjx/ For quick, simple and effective implementations, the tower size could be 25% smaller, 1st upgrade would be pocket thief's current size, and 2nd upgrade would be 25% larger, but hopefully down the road (sooner then later) each upgrade would have its own look. A similar change can be made with scientists, start off slower, can be upgraded to surpass there currently levels. I also feel very strongly that a 1-2-3 upgrade is not enough. Some towers may have 2 upgrades, other that intend to be decent damage dealers should have 4-6 upgrades. This will allow Uncommon (Blue) towers to play a better role. Blue towers can have 2-3 upgrades and be as strong as a 2 or 3 time upgraded common tower, also a good way to implement future buffs to a tower without compromising its integrity. Scarecrow may not be very useful in its current form but maybe once its been upgraded twice and invested into it can be a great tower, same goes for Solara. Section 2: Balance changes I understand that currently if this was implemented it would make the game much easier because your tier 1 towers could be all upgraded and you could most likely get through 200 waves without a carry which is why with these upgrades would also come a increased health pool for the waves, not a lot but enough were you need to upgrade a few towers. Also, I think it would be fun and reasonable to allow for the purchase of potions. They should be rather expensive, Random and the price increases every time you buy one, if your doing well you shouldn't always be left to the RNG for potions. You should have a way to spend that excess gold to better your odds, and with upgrades and tougher waves this will balance out. TLDR::: Pocket thief needs a nerf, Need more mid range options. Implement upgrades. I will end my thought here although there is so much to talk about and many item ideas and things that I will make another post about. Excited for your feedback. Thanks :)

Pocket Thief needs a nerf is not something I think I've ever read on these forums. In the current implementation of the game, the Pocket Thief is far outclassed once Wave 50 rolls around by almost every other tower, and becomes utterly worthless past Wave 75. The Money Box might not look that impressive to you, but understand there are two LARGE differences between the two towers: 1) Thief is an individual tower, not a support. What this means is to have her generate maximum income, you need to boost her Speed, Money Gain and Luck up all to hell, which deprives other towers of those upgrades. The Money Box on the other hand requires nothing, it's used to simply buff your existing towers. This means the items that might have been wasted on the Thief, can instead be used on the carry. 2) The Thief stops gaining direct utility past level 24. Once she exceeds that level, her gold production has essentially peaked, and her stats are insufficient to have any other utility besides Gold production. The Money Box scales up all the way to level 99 however, and the Interest Bonus scales up more and more at higher Waves. Like the Thief, he cannot kill later Waves, but he doesn't have to, he's only there to support your main towers. A small strategic aside: If you have 12000 Gold banked up by Wave 70, you're going to fail. Invest earlier in to long term towers (Balu, Muli, Ripper, Shadow). Understand, I don't hate the Pocket Thief, and in fact use her most games as well beside a Hitman. But she most certainly is not overpowered, don't worry. If anything, she needs a long-term buff (Perhaps allow her ability to double every 10 levels). I like the Upgrade idea (Being a Bloons player, which is all about the upgrades). The two issues with it I foresee are a difficulty integrating with the levelling system, and the issue of current balance (As you pointed out, certain towers simply aren't useful just yet.

Thanks a ton for taking the time to read and respond to my post. Id love to know what you think of my new item suggestions. https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/new-item-rods/

Just so you know me and some other veteran-ish players are working on the wiki adding strategies and general info when we can, when you get the chance I would check it out when its a bit more complete.

Will do, Thanks a bunch. :)

http://mazebert.wikia.com/wiki/Strategies link, still a work in progress, I have put some stuff in the strategy section that might help you out.

Changes on http://mazebert.wikia.com/wiki/Strategies : -Added Item Advices -Fixed the Layout (added Sub-Headers) -Added Iron Man (supportive/Anti-Air) -Added tiny advices by a few towers. Going for the Wolf/Wolves, Ganesha, Forge and Abyss tomorrow or maybe later today. *Can we rename the Page to "Towers" and add the Pictures? Since the informations there are rather basic. Would like to see actual Strategies on the Strategy page. Like Combinations: Ganesha+Forge (and now wolves) Synergie, Metro only build [Iron man power leveler, as substitute for other leveling towers [forge etc], Full buff build for shadow/Jack etc. Since on that page its more like tower introductions and not really startegie in my opinion ^^ P.s. is there a way to see the whole "layout" [dont know a better word for it] of all the pages? Like some kind of tree to see which link goes where? like: ------------------------------------------Welcome Page------------------------------- -------------Towers--------------Guides--------------------------Items-----------Whatever -Darkness-Metro-Nature----Race guides-full shadow-guide- -Jilly -spider -blah.. -... the "tree" how they pages are bound together... is there a function to see it?

Its simple to you but alot of new people dont know those things, theres already a towers section, and technically suggested item building and the use of tower applies as strategy, there will be individual basic tower strategy, detailed in game synergy/placement/ specific build strategy, the tower section is just for stats.

One solution is if we had a section for tower understanding separate from the tower and strategy section, but I dont know how.

Ah, i find it incredible hard to navigate on the Wikia's. Is there a way to get an overview over the whole wiki with a click or do you have to use the "search" funktion or go from link to link? And Andy? I don't know if you follow such a thread, but if you do is there a chance for a little "private" chat? About 10-15minuets i guess. Got a few questions about ability triggers and a few more topics. I could find some stuff via trial and error and some stuff i simply cant really test on my own without huge effort and well... Doesnt matter if voice chat or somethin to type, but i would like if it is not publical available like on the forum ^^ for... reasons ;D *Edit: Never mind. Gonna send an e-mail to you when I'm home. just found the mail adress XD

Not sure, I will probably figure it out after work.