Private ladder / friends

Hi Andy, there‘s an idea spinng in my head for quite a while and I realized it would perfectly fit the announced season ladder mechanic. The idea is to have separate ladder where you are ranked only against your friends. Alternative 1: You can add friends in the game via their email or player name. You can then display a friends only ladder. Alternative 2: For some Gold you can create your own ladders with a custom name, e.g. Andy‘s Ladder, and add some other players to it. Either way the ladder would exist only for the season. A player’s Xp on a private ladder would always be the same as on the season ladder. Currently I like Alternative 2 a bit more. What do you think?

Thanks for the suggestion, I think this is a great idea! I'd really like to have a friends list in the game. It would help a lot with matchmaking for multiplayer games. Once there's this friends list, I could add a personal friends ladder to show out of the box. Probably even with a switch between standard / season. The friends ladder could then be part of the existing player pages, like https://mazebert.com/player/115.