quest bug report

so i just finished a 200 levels of darkness/metropolis quest but in the meantime after midnight i got a new quest nature/metropolis but then when i won i got rewarded for both at the same time, i think something similar has happened before but did not understand what happened, and i dont remember but im not sure it was only about the dark/metro nat/metro that bugged out. but i think it should be possible to beat both quests using only metropolis, though in my case it wasn't so i haven't beaten the game with any single alignment yet.. also both dark/metro and nature/metro are tedious time consuming quests that i could have spent on trying to break my personal lvl500 bonus round survival record, i feel them too much work to be a daily and the other quests too easy, maybe make them hidden quests and add 2 other quests for daily? even if i hate them i still need to complete them bcoz i still need them goldcards ;)

Thanks for reporting MRDRR and confirming this quest error! I added your input to the corresponding ticket. The fix is scheduled for 1.1. And I agree with you. We need more daily quests ;-)

no problem, i will report back if other bugs found, yeah i love more quests =) and also would want to know when all goldcards found if i still make the dailys then will there be a bonus of some sorts or other use for the card relics?

Not yet! But as we introduce new cards/legendaries in the future it won't harm to gather a few relics on hold ;-) Also, there might be other uses of card relics in future, but probably not in the next version already.