Quest: complete a game with 2 elements only

So here is what happened to me today: Yesterday I played a game (200 waves total) up to wave 160. I had the quest complete a game with metropolis or darkness so I picked only metropolis. At wave 160 I fed all my potions to my carry (black widow). I did not play further until today and my today's quest was: complete a game with darkness and nature. Now I wanted to finish my game fast and just sent all the creeps up to 200 and did not build another tower (since yesterday) because my carry was really strong. When i finished the 200 waves with my metropolis only round I completed both quests (metropolis+darkness AND darkness+nature). I dont know if its a bug or if its intended but it seems that for completing a quest you only need to meet the requirements when you really got it even when you didnt do it in the same round before you got the quest.

The "problem" is the detection of failing a quest. As far as I know the game realizes a "quest failed" as soon as you BUILD a tower of the faction you are NOT allowed to HAVE. Since you didn't build any tower since receiving the quest in that game, the "failure" wasn't detected. Correct me if I'm wrong (but I'm pretty sure I'm not) A possible solution to this "problem/exploit" would be to mark having said faction tower cards enabled as failing the quest or round base checking whether there are towers of the Forbidden faction in game every turn (not end of game bc you could just sell right before end)

Hey Margock! Thanks for reporting this! Derph Minh, you're right about the way the quest failed is triggered at the moment. And the best solution right now is indeed to check the currently build towers when resuming a game. Will add a ticket for this to be fixed in 1.1! Cheers guys!

Fixed this issue today. Won't happen anymore in 1.1 :-)

Uhm Andy, does it mean you can carry a game with lets say a Scarface (in Metro/Dark) replacing the Scarface with a Shadow and then you get the quest Darkness/Nature and it will still count for that game? So do you only check CURRENTLY ACTIVE TOWERS or do you check for ANY tower build in that game, still standing or sold? Wouldnt it be easier to just check the "used races"? When would such an Scenario might happen? You have 3 Dailys: Metro+Darkness, 7 Challanges and making money. You finish the Challanges and the money thing then going Darkness only and refreshing the Quests.