Quest status in game

Hey I find it kinda hard to keep track of the quests since the system was changed. My problem is that I do not know whether a quest is active in the saved game and what the progress would be. As it could be finished in another game or maybe deleted already. In the old system with only one game the progress would be shown on the main screen. Now you just know you did it (or not) when you finish the map. And you can not know in anyway about the current progress at least with Huli. I would like that we can at least see the Staus of the currently active quests somewhere in the game or at least in the resume screen. Completing missions on the fly like before would also be nice but would make farming quests easier and I do not know whether this is intended.


I agree that showing quests in the match would be good. Andy said he only wants a game to be able to complete quests that were active when the game was started. So that's the reason for some of the changes.

Yes, showing quests in the match (including current progress) would be super helpful.

Hey Kami, I've added this for the next version! Thanks for sharing your idea :-) https://mazebert.com/forum/news/ingame-quests--id1260/