Question About IQ/IR,creep,bonus (for Andy)

Hello Andy, as you know I found an exploit allowing me to try many thing about the game. And start to wondering about the game. The first one, I was wondering was the drop rate of air wave. There is only 5 unit with a lower drop rate than any other monster. I thought at the start that it's was RNG, but even by forcing the RNG, air wave are dropping way less than any other monster. I was wondering if it was normal or just a bug. Since air wave are harder than others wave and drop less than others. Making them less effective early game is you're trying to beat challenge Then I tried with an insane ammount of IR/IQ to know what the loot is going to be. I understand that the IQ/IR work as a cap. I was wondering if we could have the information of the graphic to be able to optimise our run. Finnaly, there is something that trouble me for a WHILE... What are the current bonus from wisdom/rich/slow/armor...??? Wisdom gives more exp but less drop? So is rich? What is the slow ammount and the % hp gain? What is the armor% gain and the hp % lost? And I would add that if it's possible to know how many life an unit has. Adding it when the wave start, I think I would be a great feature to people trying to beat the game and so, to be able to adapt easier. PS: I would give any clue nor explain him, it's going to be fix anyways :) Cheers sarore

Hey Sarore, here comes the answer I promised you :-D You are right about the drop rate of air. An air wave spawns 5 creeps each with a drop chance modifier of 100%. A normal wave on the other hand spawns 10 creeps each with a drop chance modifier of 100%. So the general chance to get drops from killing an air wave is exactly 50% of the chance of killing a normal wave. Will be fixed in next version! As for the creep modifiers: - Fast: 66% health, 150% speed mod - Slow: 150% health, 66% speed mod - Rich: 160% money - Wisdom: 160% experience - Armor: +30 armor The health display of creeps is somehow on my list, but probably won't be able to add this very soon :-/ Cheers!

Thanx you for our answer. So as I thought air wave has less overall drop rate than others monsters. It's good to hear about a fix of that. If I understand, creep modifiers only gives bonus. I mean they don't have any negative aspect like less drop rate or what ever? And thanx you for the information about the health bar. I understand that it's not an easy task, but at least you tought about it :)