Quests/relics suggestion

would it be possible to implement more difficult quests that have a higher relic reward (up to 80 or 100 for example?). Beating on Hard, or beating 400 or 500 rounds, or 1600 seconds in the bonus round? It will be too late for me before the next update comes out, but i've been grinding for quite some time to finish off my collection of golden cards. I think there could be a tradeoff to make it somewhat easier.

This is good idea!!!

I really like this idea! I've implemented one of them this morning and added it to today's alpha release :-)

Hey plink, I'd like to add the name of you and your little one to the credits, for your quest suggestion. Would that be alright? If so, what names would you prefer for that? Cheers Andy

Oh, that's cool. Thanks. I guess my real name, Ian Pert is good for that.

Added you to the credits. Thanks!