Quick question dev/mod(s)

Whew this game seems neat with all the in-depth material and tweaks the dev and those of the fanbase have covered and went through thoroughly. Hmm only the dev and his minions can have a profile avatar here. That's cute... Before I ask my question and I'm just a newcomer for this game, does this game work properly on devices ios 4.0 and below(I know... that's ancient) ? If not, that's very legitimate in its own way. This game looks really promising though sadly I won't be a very active player. So here's my question (sort of): After I downloaded the game, I've tried out both the game and the tut and before I can so much as build a tower... well that's the thing I can't do that for either of those two. In other words, I cannot pass after tapping on the hammer and it doesn't dc. The only thing I can do is watch the critters getting past my territory and get my arse handed. Is it possible to 'play' this game on my device normally or can it only be started on androids and other models? (Oh if there's a topic about this already, please point me in the right direction.) By the way, I'm not exactly an experienced TD player like so many out there but of all the TD games I've played, I've either beaten them (though some have an endless mode invoked), deleted them for various reasons, or just permanently left them as... well they weren't what someone would call a game and/or were very problematic. When I first found out this game existed I tapped on it took a look at the screenshots and my body just froze; I was like Where have you been my whole life?! If this can't work at all on the 4, could you please add that (or whatever else you would find appropriate/necessary) into the brief description? Thank you in advance. Anyways, even though I haven't dived or grinded into mazebert yet, cool game! :) -

Hi! For the profile pictures gravatar is used, it's a bit odd at first glance I know :-) Could you tell me which iOS device you are using. If I understood correctly you use iOS 4.0, but which iPhone (generation) is it? To me it sounds much like the RTT feature (which I use for rendering the card deck) is not supported by this device. Thanks for your help and pointing this out.

Perfect. That's all I needed to know and thank you for the quick response. Yes you're right, I have the iphone 4(exactly, no letter asterisk and what-not) and is in no perfect condition but I believe Mazebert likely isn't compatible with the earlier iphone configs (and possibly the other ones as well). (Dayum so to actually play this I have to buy a different phone haha) That's exactly what I thought it was as there wasn't any sign of the cards anywhere so this feature can't be displayed on screen apparently. I do get spoils in essence but can't earn any cards or any links to that to fight -- "For the profile pictures gravatar is used, it’s a bit odd at first glance I know" - Well odd as in it has the sense of creativity ;). I will check it out later. Correct me if I'm wrong but does the name Andreas mean "Andy"? This is the only TD game I currently have though it's been worth a shot.

You could download the PC version: https://mazebert.com/download/

A radical idea Jho and considered that earlier before posting this topic. As I do travel often I would like to play it on my mobile device if I had a choice instead of by PC and furthermore my PC is a tad bit broken when it comes to downloading games and other content. After I set up my first computer game offline, it was very addicting til later out of nowhere ruined any chances of other rpgs getting downloaded manually. Absolutely nothing works now. Not to mention, I've sold my other PCs, which did work fine for the most part, a few months ago so that's no longer an option. This was a relatively small issue to begin with so no loss here. :)

Andy, Maybe a Mac version of the game? Seeing as how I refuse to support Microsoft in any manor. =D I'm sorry, but people who sell an unfinished product for absurd amounts of money, I will not support.

That's possible, however I need a Mac to build it. With my windows Pc I cab't do it right now. Maybe I get a mac mini as a build server some day :-) But won't happen very soon I figure.