Reaver kills don't count for seelenreisser

As I stated in another thread, I tried a seelenreisser&abyss king combo for my shadow main, I observed that kills done by my shadow with the reaver don't count for the seelenreisser. It just counts for the first one you kill, all the others killed by the splash damage of reaver don't count on seelenreisser. Intended? But so far, still the best ;) I can't leave my phone alone...

Hi Jarecv, thanks for reporting! It's not intended. I'm really wondering how this is going to happen at all :mrgreen: The on-kill event of the tower should fire even if the lethal damage is dealt by splash, and seelenreisser is listening to that on-kill event. Will check on the code as soon as I'm back at my place after the holidays. Good spot! Btw. congratz to forging Seelenreisser :-)