Relic Exchange and Game Start

Hey Andy I really want to bring into your notice 2 points. 1. The 20 relics used in card forge always is giving recurring items and haven't found any new item. I know I can make it with RNG but its getting really tough to find items with relics. It would really be better if you change the drop rates of the items so its easier to gain new item or something. 2. When we use Card Master skill i.e where we choose card in start, then starting the game we don't get prompts of starting towers on screen like in normal game. To see towers we have to open tab and they are not written in start. Although as minor it looks but still .

1. I wouldn't bother doing the normal exchange anymore, to be perfectly honest. As much as the "pick your own" system is expensive, it ends up being cheaper in the long run. 2. That's true, though I wonder how relevant that is. Simple fact of the matter is, if you're using Card Master, chances are it's because you're aiming to start with something specific, so you'll be using that anyways.

IMHO random is well worth it until you have a good amount of cards >80% I'd say. You get relics back for double cards and can get fly expensive ones by chance. So buying is just good for the last 10- 20 cards that are missing or when you need that 1 card

The only issue I have with the default system, is that it overwhelmingly means nothing. The gameplay difference between a gold card and a standard means nothing in all but one level, or with all but one hero. So they don't matter for allowing new strategies. And in my experience, I was getting inundated with gold copies I didn't need versus the Legendary or Epic cards I wanted.

Well i know what you mean but i Linda liked it.

you can still see the starting tower prompts, you're just to slow picking your card from card master, if you pick it fast enough then you still see the prompts :)