Replay name

Hey Andy, the replay feature is really awesome. Best part is it can help us review our game progression and also find shortcomings in strategy. I have few suggestions regarding the replay feature: 1. Can we get naming feature for our replays? If we could name our it will be much better in remembering or organizing our Important games. So custom naming for replays can be done. 2. Replay sharing feature. Can we somehow share the Replay so that others could see it. It'll be really helpful

2 is already possible just click the share button and give them the link. You might need to use safari on iOS so the option to open it appears. Firefox doesn‘t work for me

@Kami i didn't find such an option... Let me double check.... Btw what do you think about first suggestion?? Wouldn't that be good if we could name out replays so that its much better to organize our past games list???

Yeah naming might be a nice idea. Where did you not find that option? In game or in Browser?