request from a lazy man

Hi Andy, first of all thank you for this incredible game that I like to come back to very often for fun. little idea that wouldn't change the game, but that would surely improve comfort. last night I was on a game after more than 8 hours of playing to improve my muli (I was over 2 million). and ... I fell asleep at wave 498. (real story) the game continued and not having used my potions, nor optimized my carry ... I died after 200 seconds in bonus round ... (I cried when I woke up) simply to say, that it would be great if the game switches to pause after each horsemen like early... or just Belfort bonus.. also, it would be great to provide an option so that the game automatically skips the 5 seconds between rounds to optimize impatience ... (I know I'm too greedy) up to you! anyway thank you again for this great game;)

Hey @than, thank you for the heads up and your kind words! Sorry to hear about your ruined muli run! Maybe I could add an item, that pauses the game as soon as your wizard loses health? About the other suggestion: The next update will include an option to do exactly this (long pressing the next wave button to toggle it) :-)

as always, you are the best Andy looks good and i can't wait for the next update so Thanks Andy.