Revive issues

Ehen revived the healthbar is full. Though it seems that in fact they have less life. Plus it happened that a creep that revived near the tower walked in the wrong direction Mass revive BTW is very annoying

Yes their maximum health is decreased significantly after each revive. :-D Did that creep walk all the way back to the start point?? That would be hilarious!

It dies Quite fast so i dont know :) And i read From your comment that multiple revives are possible. Whoch i wanted to point out.

If an air creep recived it seems that they start their way from beginning but at the point they were killed It also happend in v1.3 if you quit the running game and continue

How dies the game handle revived creeps and kill counts of knux aemy of dark and seelenreisser? Havent tested it but that seems like a possible problem

Seelenreisser got 28 stacks from a revive mass wave. Is that intended?

Kami// it must be. revive round is more risky so should give higher reward I think

Yes, any effect that would have occurred once has the potential to happen twice in a Revive wave (Army recruitment, child-stealing, on-hit and on-kill effects). Also, when Knuperhexe steals a child, the survivor spawns back where it was on track, not near Knuperhexe. Still, I really like the effect. =P

Armor and fast are also riskier but give no bonus

Yes, and Wisdom and Rich are less risky and do provide a bonus. So it's not like Revive is balance-shattering, it slots in around the Slow and Fast effects.

I was just showing the flaws in the logic there. And my question was not of its fair but if it is intended. Funny enough that it does not work if the creep is eaten by knux. The animation shows but after the wave I still got 20 stacks. It may be that I had 21 on 1 wave though, but on 4 others I am sure it was 20

I would assume it's intentional. Otherwise Revive would be unquestioningly the absolute hardest effect to deal with in the game, leapfrogging Fast by a mile, and even passing Armour easily. Odd that Knuperhexe doesn't seem to eat them twice in your one. I'd have to start another Darkness run (Currently doing a Metro/Nature), but I could've sworn she ate them twice in my own game. Guess I was mistaken.

revived air creeps move wrong way and i saw just revived ground creeps hit by iron with withered set and they teleported and moved through walls some bugs makes revive round so hard and also revived creeps become the last target so just pass the way while the main tower is killing other creeps

Is the above picture there to show the wrong way? Air creeps did this before revive from time to time.

yes it happened when the game was saved while air creeps are flying on some bug spot and when I just loaded the game but now it happens so frequently

It used to happen during bonus waves for me, so I wonder if it's a numbers thing. I actually kind of like it though, even if it is in error. Adds new considerations on revive waves. And yes, the revived creeps are targeted last. I think that's the way the game is just designed (Treasure Goblins spawned in Waves are also ignored until the main targets have been cleared).

After knusp eats a creep, they sometime revive just outside of her range. It's quite annoying:(

Oh, haven't seen that one yet. Normally they spawn right near the start of her range for me (Which is where she would've killed them to begin with).

For me they seem to revive on or next to knusper and get killed by near towers. At least I see them fire in knux direction and that would explain why I only get 20 stacks

As was already mentioned before, revived air creeps seem to take a different way than they normally do while not revived. Is it intended to be like that? Because after using Blood Demon and getting the blade, sitting at 1% is quite uncomfortable. I`m just a little annoyed as my first really good round ended with a revived air unit leaking because it could sneak past my two shadows :D (but now thinking about it a jilly at the end would easily solve that problem)

I don't think it was ever actually listed as an issue, I think the different route might have been intentional.

I'm having an issue where my Knox noms the creeps then they revive on other side of path bypassing my carry tower. Usually my jellies clean email up but in bonus rounds I could end up sending 10 ish fast creeps flying past to my base.

Hm, that's odd. Normally Knuperhexe causes them to spawn at the farthest point back from her range in my own game...

They spawn at knux in my games and it seems they go to the next valid square