Roordahuizum idea - Compulsive Drinker effect

Roordahuizum could get a "Compulsive Drinker" ability to toggle automatically drinking potions as they drop. To make this less frustrating, I think this could happen after potions are transmuted by Auto-transmute and avoid unique potions. Also, I think we should keep an eye on Roordahuizum during 2.1 to see how strong the item in. During DoL, it seemed like it was always a second-class item and only useful to turn into card dust.

I like to have the bonus on my holgar and drin with Yggdrasil. At least it should be able to turn off

True Kami, especially after the update it only makes sense that your main carry has the Roordahuizum so Ygg will be doing all the drinking. Since Ygg's function is to share potion effects maybe create a drinking effect on Ygg instead?

Maybe we can add a new black market item with this ability, so it can be used independent of Roordahuizum? It could have an extra ability: whenever this card drops another card of equal rarity drops. This way it wouldn't be a disadvantage to own that card. Actually, that's what all cosmetics have by now (thinking about it, I should list it there too).

I did mention a toggle ability. So if you use Roordahuizum on a non-drinking tower, then you'd just not use the ability.