Scepter of Time negatively affecting rate of fire

I started thinking about how lag can affect the game from back when I was able to use the two scepters. Then cola made a post asking about if attack speed is limited to fps. it seems, with strong confidence, that if you have a lot of stuff going on at once in game, it will indeed limit your rate of fire. I don't want to say too much about my current game because I think it will be a record breaker, but I can see a direct influence almost immediately when I use scepter. I am quickly overrun when using it and I can easily hold back the waves when not. I'll go into more detail about my current board after I finish this bonus. I do think it's directly related to my phone not being super fast. I'd guess a good one wouldn't have this issue. credits to artifice for theorizing scepter's influence.

Thanks Abbot for pointing that out. I will look into this, but can't promise it will be done until the next version. But it is in my backlog! PS: Excited to find out about your record breaker game. By the way, I would LOVE to see home kind of let's play video of some of the pro gamers in the forum. Compared to the stuff you do and the ways you min/max the mechanics I'm beginning to feel like a utter noob :mrgreen:

It went well, but it ended in a truly unfortunate manner. I looked away for maybe a minute and it had been running smoothly up until then, and then I looked back and it was game over. I had a few different phases planned for when things started looking rough but didn't get to implement them. I think I could have gotten #2 on the ladder if I did. regardless, I think I learned lot. Next run I hope to beat cola, but I am waiting for a certain card to appear on black market, and ideally a specific hero as well. Since scepter was hindering me so much, and I believe it must be related to my fps, it is a very very long process. 56000 seconds is a long time in real-time. I will research some ways to record my run and maybe do a brief explanation in video. Placement is key, every tower needs to be positioned perfectly, and then it's easy. I could speak about mazebert for hours. baha

Howdy, that sounds amazing! Very excited to see a video of this. Any luck with tools on mobile for recording? I looked a few months ago, but didn't find that much except QuickTime Screencapture but it required to connect phone with Macbook (was looking on iOS).

I found a few for Android which required a USB connection to a pc. I ended up deciding to use bluestacks on my pc and I'll record on there. Still might be a while, depending on forge/market luck.

Oh sweet, very excited! What items are you waiting for? Also, thanks for the tip about bluestacks, gonna check this out on my Android.

bluestacks is just an android emulator for pc and I tried mazebert on it, it works great. I learned that small things make big differences in long runs so the items I need are just little adjustments. But if I go for another long run I want to do it right. so the cards I am looking for are spectral daggers and Osmo. I thought Rodric was the one I needed and was very happy to get him, but his penalty to luck is severe.