Screen UI

Heya Andy Wanted to throw something out there. Wondering if it would be possible to be able to turn off the damage #'s on the screen. I've noticed late game where that much info on the screen seems to lag out some devices. I am running on Samsung Note 2..and do ok for a bit, but around the 15k mark, it just seems to lag a bit, to where I need to remove the Scepter of time. not sure how other devices perform. Maybe have the option for each tower, like a check box or something on it to be able to turn of that specific floating damage, but always still have option for viewing it. It is very helpful seeing the dmg, or changes, or crits you are doing, but again, late game when all is set in place, would be nice to be able to turn of combat damage floating #'s. Would be nice to to tower specific, as a blanket turn off would seem counter productive. Not sure if that's possible or not, just my 2 cents worth. Thanks as always for a great great game!

Uhm well, did you make sure its about the dmg noticications? i got a HTC1 mini and i think its about the background calculations if you e.x. got a scarface hitting 50 units with 8 bullets and each hit rolls for up to 11 Multicrits (and all the supportive stuff). What towers did you use? The ones that make me lag Scarface Holgar (Animation and potential potion drop calculations) Somestimes on the bonus rounds too, which sometimes get fixed if i close it via the app menu on my htc and reboot the full game. I personally think its the calculations in the background and not what you see on the screen.

Yes, I to agree about the calculations as well. Alot of stuff going on. I used to be a die hard EQ2 fan, and same thing applied to that game as well. When you raided, it was a MUST to turn of overhead combat spam, even on the fastest cpu's and computer rigs, would bring them to a crawl. I'm not saying it would be a huge bump in performance, but even a small bump is better than no bump at all. Plus for me, staring at red floating numbers that take up the whole screen, sometimes misclick the tower, lol....stabbing blind, hahaha. Again, just a suggestion was all. LOVE the game as is, again just a thought. Oh yeah, I dont use the scarface for just that reason, when he goes off, it literally stops the game for about 2 seconds, lol...otherways for me to up my time than use him.