search options on ladder

i would like if it were a search options on the ladder page, not easy to find yourself or others if you dont know the ladder rank exactly or the bonus round survival time, this way you can keep a track at irl friends or community friends, now i just passed the 500 rank bar so i dont need to scroll to much to find myself but before when down on 2500+ it was not so easy, also does it only save your personal best on bonus survival? coz i know i should see my name at least 2-3 times there but i can only find my top score oh and is there a max wizard level cap? if not its good you don't have to many skills, but if there is a cap you should make so many skills that it is impossible to fill them all, hence you have to make a strategic choice on what skills are the most important for you gamestyle, like when you are low level it is vital to choose the right skills and what to prioritize and what to discard, after lvl 70 this becomes less essential coz almost all skills that you bother to care about are filled and the rest is more like a bonus

Ctrl + f should work On mobile "find in page" option should be in every browser Wizard lvl is soft capped ( you need tons of experience to reach next lvl later) so no extra car needed More skills =more fun

tnx ctrl+f worked great =) never thought about the browser could solve that, yeah it start to slow down on the wizard leveling ;) now i get maybe 1 lvl per game if i last at least a few thousand secs after a 500 round^^

To answer your question about the bonus scores, only your personal best for each mode is stored in the ladder :-)

tnx andy =) since i asked this i have abandoned blood moor and started to play shattered plains and twisted paths, if i haven't fallen since last i checked i am 9th, 9th and 5th place on bonus survival, though i havent got the guts or the cards to try golden grounds yet ;) hehe