Set Item description

So, i've been playing this game for a number of years, and i just realized a couple of days ago that set item abilities only work if you use *different* items from the set. Like, if you put 2 Frozen Books, you don't get the Frozen ability. You need a Frozen Book and Frozen Water, etc. Maybe this was obvious to everyone. But all this time i just thought the Withered and Frozen set abilities were basically useless. It was only when i set out to really figure out why i couldn't summon Gib, the Frozen Daemon that i finally figured it out. Anyway, all this to say: maybe i'm the only one, but it might be helpful to make that more explicit on the cards or somewhere?

It's okay for now on you'll enjoy another gameplay of MBTD and you are now ready to play RPG games LOL

Oh no! @plink it's pretty hard to put something on the cards, cause there's not much space left. Would explaining set items in the tutorial help?

Hey Andy, probably that would help! Thx

Alright! Added this to my next-version bucket list 😀

Maybe it could be a specific quest? "Equip item set x to card y?"