Shadow - A Bug?

Hey! Right now I'm in the midst of a game. Level 763. I'm using Shadow as my Carry along with 3 Gib towers. The average damage for my Shadow is like 7.4M right now. The game is going fine right now. But... Around level 700-701, I think somethink happened to my Shadow. Maybe it's due to when I tried to change the Carry with another unit or something but the stats next to Luck Bonus are like being builded from scratch. Right now it's like 1469% / 1801% / 1637% Before, it was around 12-13000% or something. Is this a bug? Or is it because I changed the shadow then changed it back to shadow again?

Unfortunately, this is not a bug. Towers do not retain their bonuses if you change to another tower. Therefore your second shadow is like brand new. With shadow it is important to keep him for the entire game. Switching out your carry tower late game is not suggested.

Well, I realized that late. I restarted the game but heck! The game takes almast a day :D No battery is sufficient enough for this one :D

:-D Hopefully your battery will enjoy the performance improvements I did in the upcoming bugfix release!

Hoping so. More levels will be needed though ^^

hrhr ;-)