Shadow adapt bug?

Dunno whether it was mentioned before somewhere Didn't see it so I'm posting it here Noticed that shadows receive 3% too all types when adapting to challenges or horsemen Don't think it's intended so I mention it here

Maybe it actually is intended? ~

Yep, it is intended. As challenge/horsemen have no own damage type, I added the 3% to all damage types. Maybe this needs to be nerfed a little bit, but I do not play that much with Shadow in my games.

i dunno but shadow wrecks "normal" waves too hard imo and is too bad vs challenge/ horsemen... maybe make horseman a type to adapt to. since there arent that many horseman lvl this shouldnt be too powerful imo.

I see. Maybe an option would be to take the avarage of all adapt boni against horsemen/challenges. On the other hand shadow wouldn't adapt at all during challenge/horsemen waves. It would require some testing I think..

I would say make the adapt 1% instead of 3%. On another note the ONLY thing that a Shadow should have trouble with after wave 150-200 (depending on your luck getting bandages) is mass challange.

If the shadows adapt to all damage types on chalenge waves, wouldn't that mean that each challenge wave makes them permanently stronger? Against everything? Seems kinda crazy.