Slowdown with lots of Potions

I did not see this anywhere else. I notice that when I apply a lot of pots to a tower, the game lags really hard when the next wave comes. This seems to happen only after a tower has used a lot of potions so it is not common but present. Wonder if it is part of some optimization that will later happen. Does anyone else get the game to hang for 5 seconds on a new wave? Also Android GalaxyS3 so that may be it too...

Check how much free ram you have. Cleanup junk and unused software, whatever it might be. International version of S3 doesn't have much ram. Mine is an LTE, has double the ram and I have no lags or whatsoever. ;)

Thanks for pointing that out! Is this still happening in the latest version (0.8.5)? Because I optimized saving the game quite a bit!

Yeah it has significantly improved on 8.5 actually when I go to 30fps (and no visible difference really). It is not as bad on 60fps, but once I get closer now to 750 rounds in, it is still lagging a little like in previous versions. Ram is not a super big issue, or at least I do not have anything else using it. I may be maxing it out. It is a US S3 so 2gb. So it is when the game tries to save when that happens? That makes sense. not a huge deal actually now that I have the Time scepter so you may have resolved it indirectly (at least for me.)

Hey this is my first Post here. :) I have to say that Samsung Note 3 works perfectly here. So i dunno if its a RAM issue or maybe CPU-problem. Anyway, Andy, you really are a genius building this game. I am playing for like 1-2 weeks and im sort of addicted to this. Good to know that we have Germans with that big creativity. :)

@diggitynes: Hmm, maybe I could make the potions stackable, this should greatly improve saving performance. I created a ticket for that. @Cupido: Welcome on board! Well, most of the credits go to geX, who created the awesome YouTD in the first place, Mazebert TD is greatly inspired by this map :-)