Snow globe crafting

To use snow globe in golden grounds you need the tower and the item and it seems they need to be crafted separately. Is this intentional? I remember the blood blade being crafted with the demon and maybe the rings together but I am not sure. Still I would consider this to be crafted together.

Good idea! I've hacked together the server side part right now. Will be done with the next deployment. I need to do a migration of the existing players though. Just had a quick look at it and it seems 47 players have either golden snow globe item or tower, and only 1 player of those has both currently :-D I had a look what is crafted together: - Blood Demon & blade - Lucifer & Lightbringer & Dark Lucifer - Kiwi & egg - Snow globe tower & item (after next deployment)

Heya Kami! I've deployed the server and did a database migration for the players that currently have only one of those cards. Thanks for your suggestion :-) Cheers!

Thank you for your quick support