Some minor issues

As this is my first post, a short introduction: Hello, my name is Daniel and I am 26 years old. I am a fan of TD games since I played my first TD in Starcraft somewhere around the late 90s. I want to thank Andy for the great game and devotion you show to increase our gaming experience. With the limited time and resources you are given, you do a great job! And now I finally am a part of this great community. Now to get to the point: 1. Tower selection: I have ruined a few games due to changing my carry into Herb Witches, as i usually place one above my carry. I think changing the color of the tile of your selected tower into red (or whatever you like) would prevent thos accidental replacements. 2. The special ablities button: usually this button is over another tower, so you have to select a different tower, before you select the above tower. In my last game i had 2 mr. irons. One above the other. So i had the wrong tower eat items like a million times. Maybe you could change the special abilieties button's position to the upper right corner. 3. Transmuting rare potions: I usually transmute a few crit potions later, when my towers have a crit chance of over 9000 in hope for more speed (for getting knu to 0.1). Maybe it's just bad luck, when you transmute 2 potions to get the same again, but I would like to see this changed. 4. Hulis not eating bananas after Muli is placed. 5. Mr iron getting weaker on some occations: I have yet to find out what causes this. I am sure it is not irish pub's effect wearing off, as i don't build these. 6. Keys of wisdowm giving xp for lvl 99 Towers. Feels like a waste

3, i would say is bad luck. 4-yes that's how it kinda works& 6- i think its okay. By doing so, it balances out

1. Yes, great idea. The buttons are centered around the tower anyway, but even more visual feedback would help, in my opinion. Personally, I'd also like the addition of the tower's name on the Inventory Panel. 3. Like @jrake said, that's just a feature of the game. It's the gamble you take. Also, keep using those crit potions! They increase crit damage too :) 6. I sort of agree with this, but at the same time, it is supposed to be random ^^