Some new Suggestions

1. The option to switch the in-game view of items to a list that is sorted alphabeticly or by rarity 2.The option to share money in a multiplayer game, maybe with a specific % fee of the shared amount 3.A tower with splash damage for darkness and metropolis, to make the start a little but easier against mass waves 4.A search function for the forum

Darkness has solara and jilly both are good against mass creeps. But I support some sort of sorting for the cards on the hand. Especially item cards can get you searching...

Solara is too expensive for the beginning and Jilly is only effective against very early mass waves

If sharing gold in a multiplayer game becomes a thing, we would need a separate ladder for single/multiplayer

I think that singleplayer and multiplayer should generally be divided in the ladder, if possible

Thanks for sharing those, Shanlung! 1. The usability when selecting cards in endgame has bogged me for quite some time now. It's pretty tough to get this right, but I'm working on it! Maybe a grid-based inventory-like overview for items/potions that is switched to after the amount of cards reaches a specific amount.. 2. This is an interesting idea, I'm wondering how this will change the way multiplayer games are played. Not sure yet if I like it or not, but it really got me thinking about further multiplayer interactions. Thanks! 3. After the website rewrite (which took way longer than expected, sadly), I'm now focusing on the new light deck, adding towers for all other elements are going to have to wait some time. 4. A search function would be pretty cool, it's already on my bucket list for the website, but after spending two weeks on the website already, I'm going to shift focus back to the game now. 5. I think a separate ladder for multiplayer is a great idea. It will only work for the bonus round ladder though, not the general experience based ladder.

@Shanlung I've added a forum search!

A grid view for items would be great. It would require unique art for each item though, or risk transmuting a rarer version than intended. To be honest, each item should have a unique art to make them immediately identifiable from each other. I know you have the coloured gem to indicate levels, but that's probably not enough.

I agree. If it was up to me, I would use a color palate change to differentiate similar items. Right now the "well done steak" looks pretty rare too me. Maybe make it dark brown? Then the medium could be a light brown with maybe a hint of red. Or if you change the picture to make it look like it's sliced, you could have a pink center. Then the "rare steak" could be the current image.