1) Add magic damage 2) add magic damage, Magic critical & gold find potions 3) change the type of damage some towers do to magic 4) add the new creep ability of resist This will make the game a Bit harder by giving you a lower chance at the potions that would help your tower do more damage.

Love the idea! Magical damage is already implemented in the code (if I remember correctly I did this basically from day 1). The problem however is the limited space on the UI at the moment. A solution could be to display magic stats for magic towers and physical stats for all others. However, I'd also love to see some hybrids ;-) Other thoughts on this? Could this be something for future releases, or is it too much for a mobile app?

As long as the game is under 2 gigs it won't be to big for mobile! :D I forgot where I ready 2g is max for an app. April first update!! Text based gameplay ;) (april fools joke)