Soul Flask vanished

It happened to me the second time now. I had Soul Flask at one moment and registered at a later moment, that it was no longer there. I did not use it by accident - no tower vanished. The last time it happende went like this. Maybe you can reproduce it. I had Painkiller Soulflask 6*Potion of Speed in the deck. Then I tapped very fast 6 times the Drink button. I was a bit surprised, that after a strange motion of the card there was a seventh "Potion of Speed". May be I was to fast and one was not used I thought. I drank this one too and Painkiller slid in to view. Only Painkiller was left in the deck and all towers were still there. Maybe this can happen with all potions, but it would be difficult to notice with a standard potion. Missing Soulflask is noticeable.

Mmm I can't recall if Andy already release the update with the fix. This bug should be solved with that update. If anything with, I'll try it ASAP with the upcoming beta release. Anyway, if you tap slower then there should be no problem of this kind. Thank you for reporting, I'll keep you updated, -Manu.