Split attack/ lightning jumping reset after tower swapped

Hi, This game is really cool. I like this TD game. Good work! Like always after each upgrade will come with something need to be fix. I faced issue when baby rabbit/electric chair that reached level that should fire an extra carrot or jump on one more unit. This is working fine when normal leveling but it is not when replace existing tower with these towers. After swapped, they always reset to two target until they leveling again. These tower was work great before this, but now I rather stick with other tower or let it leveling first before the round I really need them. I am using international S3 with official Android 4.3. Thanks for your effort, wish you have a great Christmas and happy New Year. Regards, Wong

Happens to me as well, in addition to Scarecrow tower perhaps. Whenever you swap a tower with Baby Rabit or any of the towers mentioned above they will still have their regular stats no matter whats the level of the tower you replaced until you level up one level at least (i think) thus you wont have the tower stats upgraded as they should the instant moment you place them.

Thanks for reporting everybody. I filed a ticket and will look into it asap!