Stat Breakdown Suggestion

I'm not sure if this is practical, or would be decently easy to work in, but a way to view the "raw permanent stats" of a tower block would be really handy, if it's not too much work :) (if there already IS a way, please let me know, I'd really appreciate that info! In that case, please delete this thread ^_^) For example, Say you have a Balu that you want to replace for whatever reason, and he has 600% damage boost, but you know you've fed that tower at least 6 potions of various types, but you can't remember which potions you've fed him. Going in to the stat page only shows the overall stats, but not which stats are permanent, tower-related, or item-based. Tower and item stats aren't as important to show, since those can be changed, plus there would be a lot of stats to keep track of, but potions are hidden from stats (I know they add to the stat, but without doing a fair bit of math, this can be tricky to figure out), so it can be really hard to tell what stats will be retained during replacement. The same happens with Holgar and his mead, Huli and his 'nanners/female towers, wolf and all the towers in his pack, aura towers/items, muli and his drinking problem, unrelenting force/Irish pub buff (I've been thrown by that a few times, not thinking), etc. A person can do the math to figure it, but this can be very time consuming, since there are so many factors involved, and missing one factor might change things significantly, such as heavy aura buff. If one could scroll through the tower stat cards (item page, then stat page, then card page) there could, maybe, be another for "tower block stats" or something like that that shows that information, if this is an option that would/could work. Perhaps also "active aura" stats for aura-affected items/towers so one would know these stats will stay, but aren't permanent? Just a thought ^_^ Thanks for your time!