Sugestion: Auto send next wave upgrade

Like topic please add a 5 or 6 level upgrade that skips 1/2/3/4/5-full seconds of the end of round 'wait' duration (so you don't need to constantly press next to use the impatience set to it's full ability). This just like the scepter of time is an option that shouldn't have any impact on game balance (since it's perfectly doable manually) but it's something that will make the game far less annoying (I wouldn't need to constantly press next on every single level, which is honestly quite the pain >_<).

What i would like to know is: How should the Buzz Buzz Set be handled? (You know... AS / second skipped) Does it automatically adds the full 5 secs as skipped then? Does that ability activate from round 1 then? Or does it start the first time you hit the "skip" button? (So lets say you have the first 15 rounds where you dont skip and then you press the skip button for the first time and it will autosend units with 0 cooldown?) Because im rather sure, that skipping from round 1 will cause heavy leaks even on ease in the first waves... (probably not in the first 5 waves but in the area between 10-50, especially after Boss/Challange rounds or even the first horserider which CAN be hard) *possibly add a button on the bottom to "Lock" the skip button instead? (probably 5 points to unlock it or whatever)