Sugestion: Health Alert

Hey Andy, I love Mazebert and i play it pretty frequently again lately (working 8 hours a day is to much without some TD) and allot of the time while playing i don't pay attention to the wave and i loose allot of health because of it. what i would like to see is a Health alert. like when we hit 150%, 100%, 50%, 10% HP. I think(know?) this is a pretty easy function to implement and i would love to see it in the next version. Thanks for all your effort that you put into this game.

I like the idea but it should be optional.

Hey thanks for the suggestion! What about adding a visual + sound clue when creeps leak the game? For instance this could be the screen flashing red for a brief moment, combined with a hit sound effect. Cause it happened to me a few times as well, that I leaked and didn't notice right away. Would this be something worth adding? @Kami I think this would benefit all players, right?

I don't know if most of the players play with the sound on but personally i always have my sound muted. But the screen flashing is a good idea. I think that is something that brings awareness.

In Endgame I usually put the phone away so an optional stop function on leak would be the only interesting for me. A sound and flash are not bad but I also play muted.

Hey Kami, optional stop on leak function should be easy to implement. I added a feature request in JIRA for the next version. Cheers Andy

Not sure how much programming it would take, but one option would be an option in the menu to automatically pause the game when the player loses health. Would allow for a bit more AFK gameplay.

Isn't that what he said in the post above?

That's what I meant yes :-)