Suggested card decks (Event?Elements?Dunno)

Be advised, long post ahead. Celestial/Stargazer: Mostly focuses around tower stats unpredictability (Crit chance & dmg, Item chance & quality, luck, exp) Might be hard to code though. Numbers involved are purely suggestive. - Suggested items would be horoscope chart (+crit chance and crit dmg), stellar map (+luck & exp ), stellar compass (+item quality & chance), and telescope (+dmg or spd, and very low chance to increase range +1 every round) Towers and tower related items - Observatory would be a support tower that gives a random stat (the ones I mentioned above) to nearby towers at fixed range. At level (99?), gives one more stat. (Can be removed for balancing reasons). - Sagittarius suggested tower ability: Bow switch- tower range changes from 4 to 6 every round. Lower range compensates for +spd. - Aries suggested tower ability: Golden Fleece- every time the highest level tower kills an enemy, this hero has 1% (+0.05% per level) to produce an item card "Golden Fleece". The item are automatically stored at this tower, removing will auto-transmute the item. Golden Fleece description: Authority of a king- after obtaining Four Golden Fleece on an Aries tower, every round has 5% chance to heal the player. If the player has full health, gives 50% dmg to the highest level tower. Five of these item makes the latter ability permanent. - Cancer suggested tower ability: Juno's Exalt- this hero gains +10% dmg & spd for every non celestial tile on its range. - Virgo suggested tower ability: Harvest- this hero has 10% (+0.2% every level) chance to produce barley, corn, rye and wheat in random order for every round that the player's life didn't got damaged [Dunno if challenge one counts]. These items are automatically stored at this tower, removing it will auto-transmute them. If the fifth slot has "Whiskey bottle" item card, no common tier potion would show up when breaking the said item. Whiskey bottle: Creates the item when triggering Harvest ability and consuming the four ingredients. Whiskey bottle item card description: A little tipsy- breaking the item gives two random tier potions. Barley, Corn, Rye and Wheat(Four separate) item card description: Whiskey Bottle Recipe- Oh right, the ingredients. For the Whiskey Bottle. The ingredients picked to create a Whiskey bottle. Whiskey bottle's ingredients. - Libra suggested tower ability: Balance of scales- Item drop chance increases by 5% (+1% per level) if the gold drop chance of this hero is higher than item drop chance and vice versa. - Pisces suggested tower ability: Duality- Every round, has 50% chance (Luck immunity if possible) to deactivate every aura item this tower holds. +75% Dmg, spd and +50% crit chance & crit dmg for every aura item it holds. Otherwise it gives +1 range for aura items it hold and the tower itself deals no dmg. - Aquarius suggested tower ability: Cupbearer- when using potion to other towers, this tower has 10% (+0.5% per level) chance to benefit from that potion stats. Player related and tower destroying ones are exemptions. - Capricorn suggested tower ability: God of wisdom- Every end of round, gives random amount of exp to one tile range towers. Heroes - Scorpio suggested hero bonus stats: Emotive Sensitivity- for every player's missing health, all towers gain +20% luck, +30% item chance and item quality. - Gemini suggested hero bonus stats: Social Concept- support tower luck chance +75%. Non supporting tower luck chance +25% - Leo suggested hero bonus stats: Asserting Willpower- +40% crit chance, crit damage and +1 multicrit. - Taurus suggested hero bonus stats: Material Practicality- +50% item chance, item quality and gold.

Hey, thanks for those suggestions! Would the Celestial/Stargazer be a new element and those the related towers? How would they affect each other?

A new element! With 4 heroes, 9 towers, 5 independent items and 5 tower exclusive items (Ex. Golden fleece would instantly be placed to Aries tower instead of inventory. Removing it would auto-transmute the item). I think this item mechanic would sound new for the game. As for the last question, I don't understand the question sorry. Like, you mean supporting each other? Onservatory and Capricorn towers are support kind of towers. If I got the question right, I mean.

I mean these parts: Mostly focuses around tower stats unpredictability For instance, Observatory: Observatory would be a support tower that gives a random stat (the ones I mentioned above) to nearby towers at fixed range. Would it be per round or rolled once at build time? In general, it shouldn't be too much RNG. A bit is fun, but too much is frustrating. Other than that, this is a really cool suggestion!

Observatory random stats will be per round? Per challenger round? Every 5 or 10 wave so that it wont put too much pressure to the game engine? Maybe I can leave this one to you. I just tossed the idea here, hoping that it would be doable. Same thing with Pisces. It's a tower that is the definition of chaos: boosts range of aura items by 1 tile (Key, irish barrel, witch cauldron, knight gauntlet) BUT at a same time the tower has chance to deactivate all of those while gaining offensive stats for every aura item on its inventory. Sagittarius changes atk range, for how frequent? I think I can leave it to y'all. I wanna suggest every (?) Round/s OR every (?) Attack inflicted to the enemy. Most of these towers are RNG reliant, so I can only leave the decision to people who actually do the coding. Edit: Thanks for really considering this suggestion btw.