Suggestion about Manitu

I guess everybody loves Manitu with its +2 Multicrit bonus! However, I find it a bit annoying that it doesn't have an ability that scales with level, making xp he gets go to waste. So I was thinking that a second ability could be added to him: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Inspiration Every 18s a tower in 3 range looks at Manitu and gets inspired, gaining +2 Multicrit for 10s. -0.1s cooldown per level ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I don't think it would be gamebreaking because you only really need multicrit on your carry and there will be a lot more towers around to get the buff instead. However, if it seems too much, Manitu abilities' range could be reduced to two tiles, to encourage new strategies, where Manitu can target less towers, thus giving its buff on the carry more often! What do you guys think?

i don't know anything about balancing but a really cool idea =) usually i only give manituo 4 dark items for exp to go to dark forge =) but i like 3 tile range....

Yeah, the truth is I like its three tile range too, it'll be a pain in the beginning if it changes hehe

Not a bad idea though, The only tower where its useless to get levels on, besides using keys afterwards. Manitou translates loosely to "spirit", so any ideas of this? Maybe multiple effects. Every time the tower hits level X9 (9,19,29) you gain 1 life or 2 life added. (healing effect) on the levels with 8 it gives 2.5% Attack speed bonus, on 7 it gives 5% crit dmg. on 6 0,5%crit chance, on 5 2,5% dmg, on 4 +2% itemqualy on 3 +2% itemfind on 2 + 0,25% slow or whatever numbers XD on 1 +0,25% armor penetration Goes for same tower which get effected by his aura. Or a permanent buff when he gives the additional Buff every 18 secs