Suggestion for new maps and Bestiary

Hi, Is it possible to add bestiary for the tower and the creeps? For maps, any possible to place special map that change every 50 rounds (after the horseman)? thanks.

The towers do have a description on both the card, and a full list on this site. Do you mean you'd like a section of the game just for looking at them? As for Creeps, there really is nothing special about the various creeps you see, the round style (Armored, Creep, Slow, Fast, Wisdom, etc) is all that matters. Could be fun, though some kind of "return" mechanic would be needed to make sure you didn't lose a legendary just because the map changed.

Hmm.. Regarding bestiary, I think to put them in blog is better. Creeps info I mean e.g armor +10 or something like that. For the map, on second thought its not a good idea. Maybe it's better to be a challange map every month or two weeks, with some restraints e.g all tower range reduced or all tower speed penalise. Btw will return tomorrow with proposed map. Thanks

Just for future reference, if you're ever curious about a particular tower, or item, or anything else, this site has quite a bit of intel: https://mazebert.com/cards/ Have fun playing!