[Suggestion] Greed, the Collector, a rare monster

Hello, I was thinking about adding a new monster Greed: Since a few upgrade, we have treasure goblin. They become quite common with the addition of the tower "acolyte of Greed". Greed is going to be a rare encounter that you get from killing goblin. Everytime you kill a goblin you have 1%+0.02/stage lvl. (5% -> lvl 200 .7% -> lvl 300 . 11% -> lvl 500.) OR even better, you could add the skill: Greed encounter 1% per skills point up to 10% "Acolyte of Greed" is a new tower that could add 0.02% per tower level (1.97% lvl 99) "Dungeon Door" is an epic item that would add 0.02% per tower level (1.97% at lvl99) I'm still wondering about the % on it but I think it should be fine/ too much. Let's speak about Greed then: I would like to have the opinion about the community :) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_4VvqUuZ6pDtwPz-fX-cUdkNKTxQeqHA6HGiwQh5Eng/viewform?usp=send_form a second google doc is upload: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19hMNcPt9QP0nILJoyx1LO-ZsaY38twtlbFX2fXb9rz0/viewform?usp=send_form

the name Greed could be confusing due to acolyte of greed, thus more better i like his name would only be goblin king or greed the goblin king, i would like him as a single wave byhimself that would have a % to proc for him to be summoned as a wave (maybe like a bonus wave that doesn't count as a wave in the 1-500 count) though max 1 time every 100 levels or 1-2 times per game

Hello, thanx for your reply. I know that the name isn't the best one but I was short on idea ^^'. It was my first idea until syotos said me: i like the concept of greed being at a placed wave and all. but there are players who play with only 200 waves, and then 500, how Would We balance that? ima try and build onto this concept for some other cards i am creating. And since I want the fact that Greed is an rare encounter, I really like the idea to make use of item/tower/monster to help him appear. But there is many factor to think about to make it work and balanced it... Thanx for your answer I will think about how to make it work :D

every 50th level is already taken by horsemen.. how about maybe every 65 lvls? if being put at a placed wave i mean that would be 3 times per 200 lvl game and 7 times per 500lvl games or this maybe would be to often? maybe every 95 lvls? or more rare like every 115 lvls thus only 1 time on a 200 map but still enough lvls left to make use of the items/potions gained at that point or even every 145 lvls, 1 time =200 lvls, 3 times = 500 lvls and still 5 levels to go to make use of the items before the 3rd horseman(lvl150)

Every 100lvl game with 50% chance :)

Thanks for starting this thread Sarore! Just completed the google docs form, well done :-) What about having a few things influencing his encounter? - The amount of gold and items/potions farmed (he's greedy) - Amount of goblins killed so far (he's angry and wants revenge) - ?? Only once per game as extra wave including legendary drop would be really cool! Also +1 for "Greed, the Goblin King" :-D

also a cool name could be GobGob or GobGob the goblin king, or simply GobGob,goblin king: refering to acolyte of greed's catchphrase gobgob every time built and goblins spawn

So whats the point of this rare monster? benefits/side effects. Sounds like just another random boss you could get. What makes him special other than the way to make him spawn? Not sure I saw this information anywhere in this topic.

it's in the new creep abilities blog.. written by @sarore: I was also thinking about a “bonus” wave: It would be a new monster Greed: Greed is mostly would be a really strong monster who remplace a wave (or placed as a fixed wave). Greed would drop some goblin based of the dammage you dealed to him at the end of the wave: like 1 gobelin for every 10%/20% life you made him lost. This new level would force the players to make a choice: They can either try to kill/dammage him and get some reward but risk to loose because of the ammount of gobelin or swap tower to dodge him (Greed would not make people loose life). read more comments and thoughts on the blog column

I like this idea. I love the game, but obviously the early stage of any game is a little monotonous. I feel the option for additional cash (and items?) earlier on would be nice. The every 100 levels was a good idea IMO. That would be nice for a guaranteed 5 bosses (when the 500 waves is applicable). It could come right after the horsemen and the timer could be increased by 200% after that wave to enable a little time to kill it before the next wave. Just contributing ideas. I do have one thing to suggest that would make things incredibly more transparent in game. In the game mechanics section, or on the cards in general, more text would be helpful. Like with the painting of soela, do they stack? Because it doesn't seem so. When I integrate that item into Mr. Iron, does he continue to miss after he reaches level 99? Do the items I integrate into him disappear if I was to replace him? More text I'm sure is an issue, but is always valuable! These are just ideas and questions. With that being said, AMAZING TD. P.S. one last suggestion; make it easier to donate money for the game. I would most certainly throw in a few bucks if I was given menial direction on how.

@blaice, little off topic but here it goes: the paintings do stack but not as you might think, even if you have five paintings(100% chance to miss) it wont give more exp per hit only exp every hit, (4 paintings in inventory wont give 4 exp every 1 time in 5 hits, but it makes him miss 80% and get 1 exp 4 times in 5 hits, myself i never eat paintings coz i like my mr.iron to be able to kill,mostly air and then when at a good speed he is awesome to pressback bosses with 2 items from withered set, if you feed him paintings he will miss all the time and get high lvl fast but cant do any dmg, i use to keep them in inventory until desired level then just trade them in for better card later on, only mr.iron get bonus from mr.iron special, if you swap tower it gets the new tower abilities and not combined with irons, same if you have holgar and drink mead then swap new tower the mead wont affect the new tower but if you swap back to holgar again, holgars mead comes back aswell, not tested with mr.iron but should be the same, tower specific ability is only for specific tower. i think they have a mr.iron forum in the guides and strategy section, go there lazy man ;) hehe P.S they have made it easier to donate, you do it ingame either you can buy cookies, beer or whiskey from the innkeeper, maybe start a donate tutorial on mazebert.com? =)

Well, I have to disagree with the 4/5 miss chance with 4 paintings. I integrated one into the suit, and then, equipped 4 (one in each slot) I was missing around 20% of the time (obviously exp is only increased via exp percentage increase, that's why I eat books like a fiend with Mr. Iron!). In regard to the Holgar, his mead actually does affect other towers when you equip the viking helmet. I've tested it and noticed the crit chance increase as well as the other buffs from them. I do not know if the miss procs regularly as well, but when unequipped I think they lose the mead buff (but it remains as an unused passive unless reequipping the helmet). I do not have the option to click the developers inn, therefore, do not have the option to purchase those said items (cookies, whisk ,etc.). Don't know if I am the only one with this effect, but as it stands, I can not access the shop in the app. Everything else works (such as forging golden cards). I will make sure to navigate the forum more efficiently though.

can be as mr.iron has dual shots, and thus it seems like you miss 20%, of the 2 simultaneous shots he can miss 1 and hit 1 so its not as easy to see as with the other towers, thus i make him kill instead, and combined with all the key of wisdom and exp books he eats he gains levels little slower then with paintings but he also gets none of the drawbacks ;) yes the viking helmet does add for the mead, and the same with wolfskin cloak for wolves, but that wasn't what you where asking or what i was tring to explain ;) as for the innkeeper have you tried reinstall the game? or it can be as simple as that you have not connected your credit card with your google play account

@blaice are you playing on iOS maybe? The developers inn is available for android only atm. Cheers!

Ha, yeah, I don't have an android. That definitely explains why. Thanks for the clarification!

i like hte concept, and i like andys idea for how to spawn him, a one time event per game, with a % chance on exactly that, number of items/potions , and gold collected, goblins killed and possibly number of challenges killed? have the code run the chance to spawn him on each Normal challenge after a certain level. (maby have a wizard talent that would either enable him or disable him for 1 point?)

Hello, I got some answer from the community and upgrade my idea a bit, Let me explain.
At my opinion Greed would take the place of a horseman Challenge, so player could prepare for him.
Since he's going to be a strong boss with challenge/horseman armor type, he's going to be problematic for shadow user and low RNG players.
That why I think we should add a message box warning the players that Greed found your base.
From this idea, I thought about how devastating Greed could be for unready players, that why I'm wondering if we could make the warning like:
Message of the Gobelin: Our King found out your hideout, give us half of your gold and we will leave you alone. Else we will attack your castle!
This could allow players to delay his spawn in case they couldn't beat him.
End of my new idea about Greed spawning. Greed appears: Skills allowing Greed appears 0 -> 10 0 to make it disable and 10 to have 10% to spawn him Acolyte of Greed? The kill of Treasure Goblin Number of item/gold? Summary: Greed may remplace an horse challenge with the possibility or not to fight him Greed would remplace a wavee/restarting a wave Greed can remplace a normal challenge Greed should only appears once per game (you can retrigger him after paying to make him go away) His spawning in still unclear -> new google docs to gather idea? People want an legendary item from greed -> time to think about it His abilities and the rest are unclear for now A new google doc is upload to gather your idea: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19hMNcPt9QP0nILJoyx1LO-ZsaY38twtlbFX2fXb9rz0/viewform?usp=send_form

Excellent suggestions Sarore and nice poll again :-) Already filled it out. Hey, is there a way for you to publish the results?

Yeah, I could post the Data I got. I don't mind doing it :) Sheet answered: 7 time Is Greed a good idea?: Yes: 7x 100% What do you think about the % of greed encounter? 4x emply 3x to remplace some Horseman challenge How Greed should appear? Remplacing the next wave x1 Restarting the same wave with only him x2 At the start of the wave x2 as a wave by himself(rare encounter) x1 Spawning from the corpse/restarting same wave (from horseman kill) x1 Should Greed be killable? Yes x7 If you answer yes, should greed has a epic/legendary drop? Yes x6 No x1 If you answer no, how should greed give drop: emply 3x Based of the level encounter & damage deal? x3 Based of damage deal x1 Do you like Mazebert TD ? Yes, of course x4 Dafuck is this question x3 As you can see, many people think of Greed as a different horseman challenge. The way for him to appears is still a bit unclear that why I made a new section about him of the new docs Most of the player think that he should have a legendary drop And if case you don't kill him, he should drop some item based on the damage deal to him.

Thanks Saroe! Interesting results. Btw. how was the result on the last question? :-P

Ahah There is only 2 answer on the new docs ^^' So I don't have a lot of information yet ... :P Be patient Andy, be patient ^^ (I don't know if you read everything on Facebook but in case you don't, it's pretty interesting)

filled the poll! you guys have some more ideas or is the first version of him already on the workbench?