well before i say excuse for my bad english 1. More Relics plz since black market released, one day mission is not enough i hope i could get relics from bonus rounds like every 30s gives 1 relic 2. Cant see shadow adaption in old version a long adaption points hid luck but now in new version i cant see vex point so how about make it shorter like it shows -3k/456/6M % 3. swip, eat all botton as i know you were asked a few times and i wnat intergated all too to iron thx for reading i belive still this game is the best ever

Okay, so i will try to repeat and answer it, as far as i can. #1 You want more ways to get Relics, because you can not always afford the Black Marked and gettin Cards in the Forge - It is supposed to be that way. The Black marked is somethin you should have to save for. You can not always afford it. (7 Quests, each worth 40Relics = 280 Relics. Means you can safely take every 2nd black marked or spend your Relics on the forge. If you have a safe way to get enough relics, the black marked would be useless after one full item cycle. #2 If i understand you right, you miss the Messages that show when you adapted. -The "Problem" is already know (Mention about the Painting). It is due to the fact, that Andy changed the notification to a maximum amount each second (or well, i think it was 1 Message /tower /Frame.) So if you would get 5 stacks in a single frame, you will get a single notification instead of 5. The stacks will be added nontheless, even without notifications -You suggested to shorten the notifications. 3k (for thousands), 3M (for millions) etc... I guess you do mean for the the stats on your shadow too. (like instead of 325325% Vex Adaption, 325k% or even 0,32M%) #3 You want the "Swap all" button. Well i agree =) BUT: - You want an eat all button for your Mr.Iron. The question is how would you do it? Lets say you have 20 Items. Each time you absorb you need 15 seconds. It will eat up to 4 items at once. So it would be 20/4*15 =75 seconds where he is constantly absorbing items and not attacking. But if you have an item equipped, you absorb only 3 each cycle. I think the way Mr.Iron is, is fine. You have to keep in mind, that the droprates are quite decreased for this version. And it just takes a minimum of micro managing, to get the items into Mr.Iron and absorb them.

# 3 I would have however a suggestion to ease the use of Mr. Iron skill : when one wants to use it, he has to click on Mr iron, equip everything, quit, click on mr iron again, use skill. (And you have to consider that mr. iron's skin makes it easy to miss and require several tries to click on the little bugger...). Thus my suggestion is the following : just add a button to use mr iron skill from within the inventory, and quit it. like "integrate and done" in addition of the button "done". So one just has to click on Mr iron, equip items, click on skill button. # 3' I would have one additional suggestion : enhance the user friendliness of in-game card management system. End game still brings quite an item flood, and if you don't cap the loot chance this will continue happening because item flood is what allow us to have enough "matter" (potions) to make an honorable score on bonus round, thus players will seek this end-game item flood. however an interesting way to handle this would be a better card management system. An example of a simple way to tremendously ease things would be one upper button "swipe all" that would sacrifice every card of the current stack. For a more in depth change I think I already send something through facebook quite a while ago ^^.

#2 I belive he means on the shadow tower card when in-game. Its annoyed me aswell, that once you go 4-5-6 digit adaptations, you only see the first number, maybe the second and none of vex. Like 45000%/4380... instead of 45000%/43800%/56000%. Ofcourse vex is highest...it allways is for some reason :) It would be better if it was shortened after 1000 like many other stats are, and move the % to the front (A%: instead of A:) you save another 2 letters in a tight space aswell. 0-999 - Just the number A%: 543/576/679 1000-9999 - K with 2 decimals: A%: 1.12K/1.32K/1.54K (more than enough information for this stage) 10000-99999 - K with 1 decimal: A%: 45.0K/43.8K/56.0K (at this point you are thinking in the thousands anyways) 100000-999999 - K with 0 decimals A%: 101K/103K/110K (not that this one really matters much, but you get the point)

#3 An other Idea (I'm just throwing those in the air I don't know if the feeling is shared by all my fellow players...) to manage the tremendous time spent in the menus (and the tremendous boredom of the last 350 levels, once you're out of the woods) could be an "autopilot mode" to toggle on/off where you can select towers and items you want to keep (everything else would be automatically recycled) and in the towers menus you can select potions that would be automatically drunk by the tower (rest would be automatically recycled, like water of life after a while...). Cause I gotta say, the only reason mazebert is not continuously on on my device is the the no-brain phase from the moment all towers are set to the end, the only thing the least bit interesting at such time is salvaging the mushrooms and cacti to equip all your support towers with. Auto-pilot would keep the player free to focus only on those interesting bit...

Well, in my opinion your statement (Darktagnan), means that you want a more complex game? I mean, you dont really suggest that the game does everything for you after wave 50 or 100? Why play it then? There is a huge balance issue (mostly with darkness) right now, and such things will need time. I already suggested to andy that there are combo effects depending on attack style and maybe reduce the droprate mid/lategame instead. So its less spamming and more braining (thinking about your placement and what towers to use etc ^^) But one step after the other xD time will show what will be. One thing will be the "Light" race or something along those lines. New races new mechanics and so on.

No I don't obviously, I just suggest to allow players to automatize the brainless "swipe up like a mad man" because let's face it : when you find a dagger 10% dmg in mid game, there is no need to think, it will be recycled. One game of 500 waves is already quite long, I don't see the point of making it longer just with long brainless "swipe up times" (when you already have to think about tower placement, important items dispatch, and so on). The principle is the same as with others internet games where you have to click or pass your mouse on gold coins to collect them until you unlock a convenient skill that collect it for you while you spent more time and fun actually playing the game. It would just suppress an uninteresting part of the game. As for your suggestion to nerf droprate in mid/late game... how would you suggest to do that ? By switching on a logarithmic formula instead of a linear one, it is already quite nerfed. more than that would actually decrease the droprate xD it also could be capped but then again I wouldn't see the point : we seek a high drop rate, the more items the more potions and the better towers for bonus round. In short, I think the patch on the drop rate is great and may prove difficult to improve. However I think that a system to better manage the item flood would definitely settle the issue. think about it... the same game, just no need to swipe up like crazy the unwanted white cards...

How about swipe-up by default gets rid of all instances of that item, hold and then swipe up eliminates one instance of that item? Would be a baby step in the right direction, of nothing else.

Well, this being my suggestion in my first answer to this thread, I must agree with you ^^, my "auto-pilot" would be a tremendous change that I was only throwing here as a way to start a brainstorm on a deep change. But a quick fix would indeed be the possibility to recycle a complete stack in one command... (*writing right after recycling, among others, 17 keys of wisdoms xD*)

Well Darktagnan your first post sounded like some kind of automated swipe programm implemented in the real game ^^ A nice little "Swipe all" function would solve the problem. You would have to keep active from time to time. But what it sounded like was: I want to mark "Item X, Item Y and Item Z" to be automatically swiped if they drop. Maybe i misinterpreted your statement ^^ Btw, 17 is peanuts XD Try a Holgar meadfarm ;) then you will know real pain in your fingers :-P

Yeah, I hate when you put the phone down for a minute, come back and have 2387458348 useless items waiting for you. lol

Here is an idea for a "quick inventory" (swipe right from the inventory button to open, swipe rigt to recycle all occurrences of an item once in the menu for example). --> https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B__cmRmNc2QrOTdscExnWHNRMzQ&usp=sharing Once we know by heart the text of most cards, this presentation could help inventory management be more fluent. (btw, add a fourth button under the others to use the skill for Mr. iron and voilĂ ).

Hey got one easy mechanic that should be quite user friendly ! keep the good old "Swipe-up" to recycle a single card, And add a "Swipe-down" to recycle the whole stack of a given Card :D