Suggestions for new features

Hey Andy, I thought about some things, that you could implement in the game. 1. The option to let Spotify or SoundCloud run in the background, while playing the game 2. The option to add friends ingame, so you can invite them to games, see if their online and maybe to see their rank and their best runs 3. The option to support your work, like the Developer‘s Inn in the last version Cheers Hilmar

Love your suggestions! Option 1 is for iOS / Android, right? Haven't tried this yet, but does muting the music in-game work out? I'm planning to bring the Developer's Inn to iOS, or maybe add an Inn to the website using PayPal / Patreon, but it's always something I delay to the future. Mostly it's much more fun to work on new features ;-)

I am happy to hear that you love the suggestions! I am playing on iOS and as soon as I open Mazebert, the music from Spotify and SoundCloud stops playing, even if you mute the sound and music in-game. I really love the new features that you add with every update, but I also would love to reward you for the work that you out into this game :)