Suggestions on group operations

Hi Andy, My suggestion is to develop some group operation mechanism for cards, portions and items. I see it as some flag "convert all". Or for better swipebility you may add swipe down gesture for the same mass conversion. You may enable this option just for a late game (starting from wave 100) or starting from some wizard level. Or this could be available just for more than 5 or 10 items. At the later levels this would greatly increase quality of life. P.S. As I am new to the forums please let me thank you for a great game. I wish you success with version 1.0 and I will happily pay some $ for any ingame items just to support you.

Hi Ungin, welcome on board! Thanks for the suggestion. I think especially in late game this would really be a helpful addition. I could also think about a few gestures how to trigger this.. - long pull followed by confirmation message - double tap followed by confirmation message - swipe down gesture followed by confirmation message There has been another idea around for the swipe down, which would actually undo the last swipe up trade. Which feels very natural to me and could also be useful! Long pull seams legit, especially it became a common gesture on android by now. Also, thanks a lot for the heads and your support!