Things i've noticed

Ok after i started playing again, i only got to my second game when i skipped the rounds so much that i killed the last lvl 500 horseman before other creeps from previous rounds and my game got stuck! As the sore loser i am i stopped playing again ;) anyway that is the most annoying bug ever! i was going to get my first perfect 538+ base dmg demon blade! :/ The marriage countdown often gets blurred out by all the crits and exp notifications, i would like to have a small heart somewhere on the screen so i can easily see if i have married towers. Holgar is not as useful as before with the luck based potions, i don't mind that it is luck based for balancing that was a rather clever idea, but when i use Lord Roderic as hero he nerfs holgars special ability alot in the beginning. also is the dark forge based on item find? i wonder if it is useful to up his item find and item quality to 400% or is it luck based? I had a few other things i've thought about but i don't remember them right now, i will update if i do =) Thanks for a great game as always!

Holgar is really nerfed now thafs true a little buff wouldn't hurt. As far as I tested it item chance / quality has no influence on dark forge.

I can comment on the Dark Forge: Item Chance has absolutely zero effect on his item production. Luck and Level is all that matters (The former for odds, the latter for quality). Also, Roderic might snuff your Luck, but if you pick the luck Skill and throw on a bunch of Viking Helmets on to him he'll hit like a ton of bricks and produce items more often than not (I use Roderic now too).

thank you guys for answering on the DF question then i will just mash his inventory with pants :) by the time i have a bunch of Viking helmets i have already gotten the rings and drunk lucky pot and nillos pot so it is just in the beginning i am feeling the luck nerf on Holgar, once i gotten his luck up to 80% he produces potions as normal

He can never proc AS mich AS he did pre nerf. Pre nerf i got a pot every wave. Now you need 150% to habe a decent Chance for drops on a mass wave. I dont know of the 1 proc per wave is still active but it wouldn't matter much

Luck is capped at 80% you don't need to max luck more than that, but yeah its "horrible" if you get my pun ;) another thing i have noticed is that when i have knus on tile #1 then sometimes creeps takes a shortcut through her? anyone else noticed this phenomena?

There is no cap on luck. There is a 80% cap on procs for that you need 3900% luck on him that would be insane

I stand corrected, i did not know that :) i must've misunderstood the cap on procs and mixed it up with luck somehow, thanks for clarifying for me! :D

You are not the first who misunderstood. Glad I could help.

ok about knusper, i have now seen that it is in fact so that she sometimes let a creep go? i don't know why or if she is to full from her child diet but it is a bug. Another thing i have noticed is with the frozen set, last time i made gib i had the full set + a frozen book, when it transmuted into a GIB it also took the extra book i had equipped

Knux never leaked in my games. If creeps revive though they revive on her and she focuses non revived creeps first.

haha ofc it is @Kami! tnx again =) i feel like a total noob everytime i read your answers ;) i had to check during my game today and it is as you say, i never thought of that i just thought that the beam of light was from knus leveling up not a creep reviving, also i never thought of the possibility that a creep revived after being eaten! poor poor creeps :D

No worries i just spend enough time after the patch and had enough time to observe. It took me some time to figure these things out.

are flying units with revive supposed to change flightpath? i would like to see more stats on the towers, as how many drinks has huli been drinking, how many hugs have balu given, how many crows does scarecrow currently have(without counting levels all the time), how many freeze procs does GIB currently have, current % slow on spider and elvis(according to current lvl) % chance of instakill/stun on jilly, im sure i forgot a few but just as an example :) why does scarecrow and holgar hit with all their attacks but baby rabbit does not? on single tagets the bunny just shoots 1 carrot. why does ganesha and manitou say they do 1-1 dmg because they don't attack at all? it should say passive or 0 dmg, or can't attack or something like that, it would be great if you could use impatience + withered on manitou even if he does not make any real dmg

Hey buddy I've also noticed that knuspherehexe leaks creeps sometimes and revived flying units change paths.

flying units always had 2 flight paths. This was not changed with revive.

I have noticed maybe 3-4 different flightpaths, one of them is outside of the screen to the far right wich makes really difficult to hit them on a few occations

flying units always had 2 flight paths. This was not changed with revive.
Really? I don't ever remember seeing the right path prior to the Revive update. How did it happen before?