Right now the best way to have better effects like bananas, crows, keys or anything with a recharge time is to just wait between waves, not doing anything. Could we implement something like time bonus / time ladder (for example time taken to reach levels with riders of the apocalypse) when using the next wave button, to add another competition element and provide a choice between more fast paced action and waiting-for-my-towers-to-get-stronger? One set bonus idea had this in mind too (see topic).

Another player told me last weekend that he doesn't like the speed of the game right now. Basically it was the same thing you mention here, that if you want to get the best scores you need to wait and don't use the next wave button. So the game becomes slow if you want the best possible tower set-up. One idea of him was to make all those time based abilities round based abilities. For example: - Keys of wisdom effect is triggered at the beginning of every round - ... But the time ladder concept is pretty cool, too. But I'd like to keep the list of ladders as minimalistic as possible. What do you think of some XP bonus at the end of the round for every second that you skip by using the next wave button?

like in YouTD, so it would be cool! (Bonus XP for each second skipped)

Is it possible to scale the time? So the recharging system could be let in the actually configuration. But every player can set up his own speed of the game.

It might be possible, but I really don't like TDs with e.g. a 2X mode. It always makes me think, hey the game is right now so boring that I just ffw. @Finch is the pace of the game right now too fast or too slow in your opinion?

I think that the creeps could be al little bit faster then now. The break between them is ok. Whenn I play, I took my actions in the break and watch at the creep when they walk and change nothing in this time. So, I would say that the creep could be a little bit more run then walk ;-)