Time warp

Item with ability to time warp (used for stalling) with some penalty?

We have that already: - Withered set (2 items) - twisted wizard snowglobe

I mean warping in actual gameplay.

Game time*

Ok, like a way to skip forward an hour or something. I'm quite certain the game would allow for it, but it would be up to Andy to decide if it is worth including. Maybe it could be a feature of Azathoth?

or an option for the time scepter that you press to activate like the mr.iron effect to skip to the next wave but get everything you would have got in that time like mulis liquor.

Andy, could this be included as a prophecy? It seems wild, but it would be cool. Could a prophecy trigger a 5 minute fast-forward? I'm trying to think of a reasonable time span that's useful to the player, but doesn't end in certain death. Edit: maybe it would work better by skipping a certain number of waves. Then the player would know what to expect. Although, it might be harder for the game to skip by wave than by time. E.g. prophecy of sleep Common prophecy Killing a challenge wave puts the wizard into a dreamless sleep for the next 6 waves (until the next challenge wave). Warning: Waking from the sleep is not guaranteed. Creeps can damage your wizard if they leak during the sleep.

It would be a cool effect, but it might be a bit cumbersome as a prophecy. It could be pretty cool as an active ability with a cooldown, maybe on something like this tower: https://mazebert.com/forum/ideas/delorean-dmc12-unique-metropolis-tower--id1511/

Yeah, that would be pretty neat. I'm not too excited about the proposed effects in that post, but taking this idea and making it part of that card could be pretty neat. Maybe it could have a another effect (maybe this would toggle?): On challenge waves, the Delorean travels to the future. If the challenge survives, it returns time to the beginning of the challenge wave for another attempt.

I like that take on it!