Tiny Solara bug

Hello, I'm not sure if it is known or not. I just had a game, was around level 150 or such when i replaced one of my shadows for a solara (the fire elemental), while an air round was progressing. The problem was, that solara refused to attack the air units. Since it was my main carry (there was a 2nd shadow in training), they went through without taking dmg. I think it happened once or twice before, it seems like some kind of bug, since in other games solara did attack air. I dont think, there is even a difference between ground and air besides pathing.

I think this link answered your question https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/map-of-mapsair-paths/

Well, that wasnt the fact, placed solaras there on different matches and they did attack =)

Thanks for reporting Ontrose. That's really weird! Haven't seen this one here yet. Just to be sure: There wasn't a pumpkin or something in the inventory? Did it always happen with Solara only? Was the rest of the game still working correctly?

The rest of the game it waas fine. The following rounds it worked fine. Could only "recreate" it once. It was on about round 30 this time, when i swapped my Jilly vs Solara. Since it was the "carry" it was full with the few pots and items i could get my hands on. Which means it should show some significant dmg on the targets. Never had it with other towers, once or twice a pathing failure after i closed Mazebert. (totally closed it via app control, not just "minimize" it via home button), where air units have a chance to ignore pathing. Thats all the bugs I've encoutnered so far.

yeah i've seen air change path aswell, but very seldom, maybe 5-6 times total