Tower attack speed display

How about replacing the current system with displaying the cooldown between attacks with a value of number of attacks/second WiTT huge amounts of attack speed increase on main tower i rather want to se 10 attacks/second than 0,1 second between attacks

Thanks for your suggestion Kahli! True! But for the 'default' cooldowns of un-buffed towers it will be the other way round :-) Like 0.2 attacks per second. An option would be to change the display as soon as the cooldown goes below 1.0 seconds, but I think in terms of user interface design this will be rather confusing. But we're working on improving the accuracy of the lower cooldowns, as well as a hint showing you if the cooldown is as low as it can get!

like when you put a pumpkin in your inventory or you have other drawbacks the text turns red, when maxed out the text could turn green or blue?

Well, right now the text turns green, when the cooldown is better than the initial one of the tower, otherwise red. Color scheme of cooldown is consistent to other tower stats, so I think it's fine that way already.

So, what is the maximum increased attack speed you can give towers?

Idk but recent test suggests its below .1 since after 30 yellow SPD pots my +600% shadow vs +1300% SPD notice a diff in the crit scrolling on screen def would love to see a better ark SPD display at low cool downs

So after last run shadow hit 0 sec CD at 2k IAS I assume it was really .04 or .049 and forge hit 0 at like 10 k I imagine .01 100 attacks a sec is max but with current display no way to test farther

i think i read andy said in another forum that its lowest cooldown was 60 sec and highest was 0.05 sec, but that the 0.05 displays as zero, correct me if i'm in the wrong here @andy ?