Tower priority

First of all great game Andy I played alot pre black market and pre item copy exploit. That exploit really killed The game for me. Now im back and enjoying the new features. One thing i would like in the game is a way to get Towers to pick certain mobs in range over others. The best example is having knusperhexe alway fokus on mass creeps when any in range. IF each Tower had a sliding bar where one could set diffrent (or the same) priority to flying, mass, normal and bosses that would be great. And bring some more depth to the game. Or make a new Metro Tower that gives this ability to adjecent towers Eg. Tower name: Sniper lookout Dam 1-1 Range 1 Gives adjecent Tower the ability to prioritize their targets My 2 cents PS. IF you would change the way shodows adept damage is scaling and make IT basic +damage% and make selenisser scale the way shadow does now (drasticly Toned down tho) more towers would be valid carriers imo. Yes IT would make selenisser mandatory but everyone WHO has IT will use IT anyway.

Hi Kahli thanks for sharing your feedback! I added a feature request for tower mob priority. Not sure yet what's the most user friendly way to implement it. I like the slider suggestion though! Anyone ideas on this topic? PS: There is actually going to be a new tower for nature that will even out Shadow/Darkness a little bit in the upcoming version!

Yeah, maybe just put it beside their "Sell" button (Make a pentagram shape, instead of a plus). Each tap switches the targeting type. Only danger I can think of is it could make things even easier for the Darkness deck in bonus rounds, who already have a massive advantage over everyone else.