towers sexe

As a few towers use the characteristic male/female (well ok, basically only huli do so but still...), it might be fun to have the "none" towers to have a random sexe upon receiving the card (like because of the barman sexe for Irish bar, or because it's a flower and do have a sexe for dandelion, etc.) I don't know, maybe it's a dreadful idea, it just came to mind ^^.

If i understand you right, you want genderless towers to be assigned a random gender on build/itemdrop?

That's how I interpreted it too. Could raise the question of balance however, Darktagnan. As it stands most of the best towers are male, whereas all synergetic options are with females (Handbag, Huli). I don't dislike it, but before we see that, I'd like to see some strategies involving male towers.

Honestly, i dont think the Handbag will be a problem, though i dont really played Huli so far... But honestly, i dont think that change is neccesary. I like that there are Genderless Towers, gives options for the future =)

Handbag can be a bit unfair for balance I've noticed. The item rate it provides is pretty damn magical when you're starting out. Imagine a Shadow with a Handbag, and how quickly it'd amass early items. Huli is basically useless in the current build of the game, but if that changes, it could be a possible concern is all. For your last point, I agree, I actually like that some towers are just "nothing". Means if we ever get items or synergies for Male towers, there will still be some that NEVER get any bonuses, which is cool.

I'm still not sold, that huli would change too much. The possibility to improve is still very very limited. And like it is with wolves, the gain will lose its power after a certain time, for wolves it's somewhere between 150-250 depending on itemdrops etc. If i got the Card text right, he gains 4%(about 5% on max level) Critical Strike Chance per female tower in range. That is rather week and having 2-3 more is not really relevant, since it's not a cheap tower. When you can afford it, you normally have a decent rating already. Handbag.. mhhm.. hard to tell, i rarely use handbag/ring of greed anyway. But i dont think it would make that huge of an impact. Like i said, i prefer it genderless ;) gives options for the future

Oh, Huli is awful in the current build. He was actually pretty awful in the last build too. I'm just saying if they buff him, it could be a concern is all. Handbag on a solid female tower can be really handy to start with. I've used it to get enough items to grind to Rare items within the first few rounds. Admittedly, it falls out of favour later on (With the possible exception of Knuperhexe) because there's basically no high-power female towers late game.