Transmutation suggestion

I've been playing for a while now, and there are some unique cards I really don't use very often (and certainly not all in the same game, especially while leveling to unlock the upgrades to make the game easier, which I have to do more then I'd like due to resetting my phone.. that said, a way to save progress to a server of some sort would be amazing, if you could work it easily) and there are many times I'm looking for a specific card or a bunch of those cards, but end up with drops above the level I'm looking for, so I was thinking to propose something like a backward transmutation; where normally you combine 2-4 items to make one of a higher quality, I propose to swipe down to break cards down into 2-4 less rare cards. Example, if I had knux, and knew she didn't have a place in my current game because I only have half health and low cash flow, she could be swiped down to make 2-4 yellow cards, or say you have a half dozen viking cards, and you desperately want some irish pubs, swipe down the vikings, and get 2 blues for each. Same could be done with items and potions. I don't think it would hurt the gameplay, and it would address the issue of having 6+ cards you can't/don't want to use sitting in your deck. Just a thought, have a great day/weekend!

I was actually thinking of suggesting something similar to this, not really for purple gem items/towers but for other rarity items/towers. Swipe down with a penalty. For example, swipe down a yellow tower (which usually takes 4 blues) to get 2 random blue towers. Same thing for items, 1 rare swiped down for 2 blues (if you're hunting some hard to get blue set items). Which is almost identical to what you are saying just without purples in mind.. Not sure what it could hurt to add those. As far as potions are concerned I don't really see how you would benefit from swiping down. I think swiping two yellows to get another yellow potion would in most cases be better than swiping down.

I dont really have a problem with cards and items stacking up during the game as they can be very handy during the late and bonus rounds. You could always swipe them up (all your excess cards and items) during the bonus round to get some additional potions especially if your not going for Holgar build. My only problem is its very tiring to swipe up so many cards and items which usually takes me about 5 min or more. Hahaha.

Oh, for potions I suppose I meant more for the uniques, to break those into yellows. Although some sort of warning or confirmation before destroying a unique would probably be good, so that might be more work then it's worth.

Swiping down unique potions for some yellows? No way man. Haha.

Love this idea! Swiping down to trasmute with a penalty sounds amazing; would be great to get rid of purple towers or potions I don't plan on using. I think the warning would be necessary too. Can you imagine... you've got all these useless Unrelenting Forces and really need a Last Train... just transmute down, and you have a chance! :D Then it'd be a toss up of transmuting gold items up for potions, or transmuting down for more common items. Gives you more gameplay options!

No @jhoijhoi. I think if this is a thing then it should be restricted to unique tower/items/potions only. The reason why I'm disagreeing with you is because you can transmute a yellow card what happens if you don't like it? You'd swipe down, thus having the chance to get a card you didn't have. IMO, this idea starts from @Monkeybuttorama's necessity to maximize the chances he has, I'd be okay with this but it's not something I'm really looking forward to see in the game as not really useful to me.

? I'm not sure what you're saying @ManuWins? Tossing up between going for potions for your main, or items for your supports is a gameplay option.

When you swipe down you'll get two lower rarity items. Let's say you acquire 4 blue items and thus decide to transmute them. 1 x Handbag + 1 x Magic Mushroom + 2 x Painting of Solea -(Swipe up)-> 1 x Fistful of Steel. But you soon realize you don't need the gold item you transmuted and decide to swipe down. 1 x Fistful of steel -(Swipe down)-> 2 x Lucky Pants. It's very unlucky to turn out this way but not impossible. Anything unclear?

ManuWins, that's basically the gamble you have now; if you don't like the yellow item you make, you can swipe it up, and what you get for destroying it might not be terribly useful to you, either, so I mean if that's a chance you are willing to take to get an item that you need, I don't see the issue. The proposed system would have diminishing returns, so the number of times you could combine and separate cards is finite, and yeah, going back and forth may not be the best use of cards, but let's just say you have a mummy bandage and 5 rotten toadstools that you've been holding on to in case some dried cactus drop. If you want to make sets, the best way would probably be to break down the plethora of yellow items you simply don't have room for anymore. If that's the only gear you want, and you have the desire to do so, you could easily break down and recombine the cards you didn't want trying for those you did want. Say you have 6 yellow cards to start with, that's 12 blues when you break down, which then recombine to 3 yellows, half the original number, broken down it makes 6, which recombines into 1 1/2, the one breaks down and combines with the 1/2 from the last round, making one more card you can break down. On 6 cards, you could do this cycle three times, at most, before you would run out. The 20 blues you've gone through for this example would give plenty of chance to get one or two of the items you are looking for, but you'd lose enough in each subsequent combining that I don't think this would be too disruptive to game mechanics. This example also assumes that no cards you want came up at any point in the process; in reality, it probably wouldn't make it that far, further diminishing the returns.

I like this idea, too. @ManuWins Is your conecern about decreased usability when adding another gesture? Also, one other suggestion in the forum for swipe down was an undo functionality. Not sure, but I like the downgrade better :-)

I understand what you say @monkeybuttorama in fact I said I'm okay with this. @Andy I am afraid I didn't understand your question? I also like this idea better but what I don't like is the possibility I aforementioned. But with the new release having the possibility to play with only one nature I'd say this feature would be nice to have. Don't misunderstand me, I still am not quite excited about having this mechanic. Sorry.

+1 from me obviously. great idea (as we both were thinking along the same lines, you just posted first). With the diminishing returns it definitely keeps it from being abused and its really up to the player on how much he wants to gamble for things.

Uhm this is a nice idea but i think this should be restricted to items and tower cards only and potions should not be included. One more thing, if you swipe down you get 2 items of a lower tier right? Then how about if you swipe down you have a random probability of getting 2 or ONLY ONE item of a lower tier? Would that solve the dispute?.. haahaha

@ManuWins, you said, "When you swipe down you’ll get two lower rarity items. Let’s say you acquire 4 blue items and thus decide to transmute them. 1 x Handbag + 1 x Magic Mushroom + 2 x Painting of Solea -(Swipe up)-> 1 x Fistful of Steel. But you soon realize you don’t need the gold item you transmuted and decide to swipe down. 1 x Fistful of steel -(Swipe down)-> 2 x Lucky Pants. It’s very unlucky to turn out this way but not impossible. Anything unclear?" What's unclear to me is why you think this is unlucky. Lucky Pants are amazing. You seemed to be against the idea, which is why I asked for clarification. To me, the above paragraph implies you are opposed to the idea due to the drawbacks. And then later on you said "I like the idea". So just forget I said anything, because majority likes the idea and so does Andy. Looking forward to the feature if/when it does come in!

I may or may not have made a major mistake there, hehe. I meant 'unlikely', don't know what I was thinking. :lol: I said I like this idea better than the undo one. I kinda like the idea but I'm not excited to see this mechanic, that's it.

@Andy, I think downgrade would be much more useful then cancel. After all, the first time you screw up and transmute a card you want to keep, your stomach drops, and you try really hard not to do that by accident again ~_^ @ManuWins, apologies, I think I may have misread what you wrote. To me it looked like your concern or hesitation was regarding the breakdown/recombine feature potentially being abused or not useful later in play @icen, I think randomizing the drops further, to give the potential of only one card, would be slightly more disruptive. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad idea, but if you couldn't predict the number of chances you have to "win", you'd be less likely to take the gamble. Further, if you did take the gamble, you'd be significantly less likely to get an outcome you'd want or accept. Also, when the rest of a game is entirely predictable, one element which isn't, among so many which are predictable (one tower per round; 4 items to upgrade; 4 towers to upgrade; 2 potions to upgrade; etc.), would probably get reported as a bug quite frequently, as well as being potentially confusing and frustrating for anyone not reading the forums. Even if it's put into the tutorial, which most people don't read anyway, the tutorial is such a small part of the overall game that it would be amazingly easy to go through tutorial, put the game down for a time, pick it back up, or even just not read the tutorial very well, find that random drop feature, and report a bug, or rate the game lower then warranted, etc. As for potions not being included; I can't think of a reason to exclude them.. Sure, any given person may not use the potion breakdown, but there are still potions like painkiller or soul flask, which many people, I'm sure, use rarely, if ever (for example, I've used the soul flask only twice, and I didn't much care for the effect for the way I typically play, so now it usually just sits there, requiring flipping past it every time I view my potions. I would probably break it down in 50% or more of the games I play) besides which, you never know.. someone could be looking to buff early on, and breaking a yellow into blues -might- be worth it in that example.. I probably wouldn't do it very often, but someone might. Who knows, it might work out amazingly well, when you end up with yellow potions you don't really need/want yet. This is especially true of the first few levels, and getting a potion of strength, for example.. if all you have are white towers, let's say only half your map even has towers at this point, and no real idea what you are going to do with the setup yet, a yellow potion of strength is much less useful then the possibility of blue waters of life, however if you figure diminishing returns to include potions, you'd only get the chance of one potion, in which case it may or may not be worth it. Still, the option would be nice, especially since there are far fewer potion cards then item cards in a given rarity, so even the 1/4 chance might be worth it to some. *shrugs*

Purple potions (Soul flask) not useful? I cant think of a reason why any purple potion is useless, even if it is the Soul Flask or the Painkiller. You could wipe out the entire map of creeps using the painkiller and you could get yourself up to 200% health using the soul flask during the bonus round. Those two potions got me to more than 10,000sec on the bonus round. With regards to the chance of getting only one card when swiping down, I just think it would add a little thrill to it. Hehe. And I just dont see any reason for swiping down potions. If you want blues so badly you could just swipe whites pots up to get em as they seem to drop more than yellows. If you do get to swipe down pots it should definitely get only one instead of two (for obvious reasons). Over all i think this idea is good.