twisted wizard

Howdy with the twiested wizard, is there something on him that can be tweaked to go up with levels to scale slightly like other towers? even if it is very minute.

No, currently not. The only way to make him more useful atm are +luck items/potions. After playing a few matches with him, I think he could really use little boost per level. I know there was some sort of per level boost on the original card idea, but that was a tid bit too strong. Do you have something specific in mind? PS: I attached your ladder profile to your forum profile ;-)

ah thank you (whats the yellow diamond btw? ) and ill have to think about what could be done. and yeah i think the original might of been to strong (i dont remember the original tbh) but maby take the original per lvl and tweak it down?

Sounds like a plan :-D The yellow gem shows your supporter level!