[Typos/Language Suggestions]

Heya, I found some typos in the written components of the game. Mainly capitalisation of titles, some apostrophes and small random grammar things. Just thought I'd post ^^ Some ideas too, because I couldn't help myself xD ITEMS + Well Done T-Bone Steak, "tough like leather" (makes more sense than "hard like a rock") + Pumpkin, "than to give a" + Norl's Guardian, Norl's Fury (use of capitals and possessive apostrophe) + Dark Gold Coins + Dark Ring of Greed + (Dark Forge Items), "smelted in the fires of the Dark Forge" (to avoid using "forge" twice in the description) + Rotten Toadstool, "This toadstool tastes funny" (already reference smell quite often in cards) + Wolfskin Cloak, "This tower's level" + Monster Teeth, "Those teeth haven't ever seen a dentist" (remove of superfluous words) + Painting of Solea, "an unnaturally pretty girl", "20% chance to gaze upon the painting and miss attacks. Enlightened by beauty, the tower gains 1 experience." + Norl's Steel + Frozen Book, "A brilliant book that freezes your fingers as you turn the pages" + Seven League Boots, "Take great strides of seven leagues" + Herb Witch's Cauldron, "Eye of newt, tail of dog..." + Key of Wisdom, "Unlock the mind, invite the wisdom, become enlightened." + Frozen Candle, "Unlit for a thousand years, it burns to shine." + Branch of Yggdrasil, "A branch that shades the world" TOWERS + General, instead of starting with "this x", try using different words from the rest of the description. ie, "A professional killer", "His life's work was studying creeps", "Downtown Metropolis harbours shadows and survivors", etc + Electric Death, "it jumps to 1 nearby creep" + Elvis Imitator, "slowed by 50% for 2 seconds. Then, their movespeed is increased until they escape the horrible show" + The Dark Forge, "crafts powerful items enchanted with vicious curses" HEROES + Bookworm, "Did you know that?" + The Horadic Mage, "He's neither horadic nor a mage, but he can build anything out of a pen and some string." + Loan Shark, "Need a loan to get out of debt? There's only a small fee..."

Thanks for sharing @jhoijhoi!

Added most of your suggestions in the latest release, thanks again for taking the time! I've kept a few, where I was unsure wether the new wording is better. Maybe I'm just so used to those texts by now that changing them feels odd.

No worries! I couldn't help myself with the extra wording, it was more the capitalisation and apostrophes that I wanted to address :)